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Call of Duty Warzone Patch Notes and Updates

Finally, Season Two of the Call of Duty Vanguard edition of Warzone is upon us. Here, we take a look at some of the Call of Duty Warzone new patch notes and updates. Many of which cause a lot of discussions when it comes to what is coming to the Warzone scene in relation to the map, Caldera. 

The release of the patch note and update came on a Monday, February 14th, earlier this week. The new season launched alongside huge updates with Warzone and Vanguard. This caused a huge download of epic proportions of patches and updates within both games. There is, as usual, a new battle pass. There are also new maps and modes as well along with patches for guns, movement, perks, etc. 

New Content for Warzone

There are new locations within the map of Caldera. Those are the Caldera Chemical Factory and the Research Labs. There are also new modes in Caldera Clash and Rebirth Island Iron Trials. There will also be another vehicle in the bomber plane. This all being along with a special event called Search and Deploy. 

New Content for Vanguard

There will be new maps in Casablanca and Gondola. It will also be along with a ranked play beta as well within the game. There will also be a new mode called bikes and tanks as well. Along with that, there was also a Valentines special done as well. 

New Content For Both 

Along with the separate things added in Warzone and Vanguard separately, there are also things that will be added to both games as well. Things such as operators, bundles, and weapons. Operators that were brought in included Thomas, Anna, and Gustavo. New weapons included KG M-40, Whitley, and Ice Axe. In Zombies, there will also be a new map as well as a new enemy, Zaballa. This, along with a new story quest, arenas, objectives, and weapons*.

*Note: Majority of the items will be required via the new 100 tier battle pass. 

The Warzone Quality of Life Update Include:

Blockage to Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Armor Plates Include a Full Bar of Armor Until Filling Damaged Slots of Armor

Vehicles and Players Collision and Handling

Deployable Parachutes Radius is Lower to the Ground

Player Mantle Height

Improvements for Movement

Gas Mask Will No Longer be Bugged While in Gas When Aiming Down Your Sights

Voice Chat, Streaming, and Graphic Patches

Operator Skins No Longer Invisible to Players

Possible Implications Due to Patch and Update

There are many implications in regards to the recent patch and updates. One possible discussion or main point to be had is in relation to ranked play. Many pros and casual players within the Call of Duty have been begging for ranked play. So, to see whether or not it is good could be either a great thing for Vanguard or make it that much worse. 

As far as, “Activision’s baby Warzone goes, it could either make Warzone that much more valuable or have it decrease even more in its popularity. As many streamers are going into other games, the patch and update are very needed. This patch, for many within the Call of Duty community, could dictate how this year is going to go in regards to the beloved Call of Duty franchise. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Call of Duty Warzone & Vanguard 

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