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Call of Duty: Three tips to help you with Domination

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

In Call of Duty, Domination is one of the most popular modes to play online. It’s also arguably the most critical mode in the Call of Duty League. It can sometimes turn the tide of battle in a match. Hardpoint may be the most critical because it is played twice, but Domination can be a true game-changer.

The goal is pretty simple in that two teams fight for territories in order to get rewarded points. It’s essentially a game of zones where teams try to hold certain locations for as long as they can. It’s straight forward, but it can certainly be quite the roller-coaster ride. There’s normally a ton of back and forth going in matches.

It leads to plenty of intense moments and it is a lot of fun. But what is the best way to go about tackling Domination? It’s all up to the player how they want to approach it. There are many ways to help lead the team to victory. However, if one feels like they want to be a bit more strategic, then feel free to take a look at these three tips before your next match.

Toss a grenade into enemy territory

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Yes, this sounds hilariously like some vague tip that’s not thoughtful, but it can be helpful. When heading towards an enemy marked territory, feel free to toss a grenade before heading in. More than likely, foes will be trying to defend the space so a surprise grenade can throw them off guard.

Even if they don’t net any kills, it should still keep them on their toes and allow the team to go in for some kills. Then, the squad will be able to take over the spot (at least for now). Just make sure that the right loadout is in place. This is important because for one, it’s good to use a gun that is comfortable for the player, and two, make sure it has a grenade in it.

If not, then if there’s a stun grenade, then that will work too. In some ways, one may argue it’s better than the regular grenade. This is because it leaves opponents blind, and allows for teammates to go in for the kills. Of course, a classic grenade is an instant kill if it connects. So wind up that arm and fire that shot.

Find a high point

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Not everyone falls for this but it can be effective. Whether defending or heading towards an enemy zone, try and find a high point of some kind. Doing this will give a clearer view of the land. It also leads to some easy kills if opponents aren’t paying much attention. Of course, it may be wise to move out after getting a couple of kills because they will know who killed them and where they are.

But it’s a good way to take over territories and defend them. It’s especially good for defending because enemies are more off-guarded when running towards a flag. When in defensive mode, they may be on more high alert. So taking them down while perched atop something in defense mode is where this tactic is most effective.

Once a territory is taken, defend it

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Players tend to do this automatically, but it’s a wise idea. Not saying that players need to stay posted in that one zone after taking it of course. Someone needs to go to the other zones too. But defending a freshly taken over area is good for one big reason. Enemy players will likely try to take it right back.

It was their spot initially, so there’s a good chance that they will seek revenge. Be on high alert, and watch out for oncoming attacks. Get in a good position so when they come, they won’t see the shooter initially. Stay crouched too when defending. Enemies will eventually figure it out, but it still can throw them off. Just be prepared for a storm of bullets.

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