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Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3: New Maps, Modes and More

Everything You Need to Know About MW Season 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 is here. Like every season before it, Season 3 brings new maps, new modes, new weapons and new operators, to name a few things. Here is everything Call of Duty fans need to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3.

MW Season 3 Introduces New Maps, Operators and More

Photo Courtesy of Activision

Warzone Quads Have Arrived

The new Warzone playlist, Quads, made its debut following the release of Season 3 on April 8. They replaced the popular Trios, a decision not everyone was happy about. There’s good news, however. Two days into the new season and both Trios and Quads are back in the rotation. So, whether one prefers to battle it out in solos or with friends, there is a range of options available.

IW Introduces Three New Multiplayer Maps

Infinity Ward has introduced three “new” multiplayer maps: Talsik Backlot, Hovec Sawmill and Aniyah Incursion. The maps mark Infinity Ward’s latest homage to past Call of Duty titles, including Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 3.

Here is what Activision had to say on each map:

Talsik Backlot
Talsik Backlot Season 3 MW Multiplayer Map
Photo Courtesy of Activision

“In the middle of the Urzikstan desert lies an urban city with a major construction project taking place at its center. With its citizens long evacuated, combat takes place from door-to-door as teams fight for control of the various overlooks and buildings. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fans should feel right at home in this Backlot, as it is a remaster of the original map from that game. And for those who are playing this map for the first time, prepare for a great mix of close-quarters combat and long-range sniper duels.”

Hovec Sawmill

“This new locale for Multiplayer, at its core, is a 6v6, three-lane map with a balance of mid to long-range sightlines. A sleepy farming village is under peril, as its main sawmill building has caught fire. Operators will fight within the burning wreckage and around it, visiting the local businesses such as the butchery, the mess hall, and even the beekeeper’s area, which includes a couple of active hives! Although this humble community is a beautiful one, don’t let it distract from the battle. Use rooftops of buildings to gain the high ground against enemies sprinting from building to building below and use the splashes of footsteps on the rolling river to track down flanking players.”

Aniyah Incursion
Aniyah Incursion New Multiplayer Map
Photo Courtesy of Activision

“The last 6v6 map is a twist on Aniyah Palace. [Players] have experienced it in 10v10 and in Ground War – now fight within a more enclosed version of the area based around the central palace in Aniyah Incursion. Note the long sightlines looking out over the main courtyard and pool, along with the small crawl spaces within the palace that can be used to flank your enemies. And be careful with Killstreaks. The Palace can make it tricky to aim them into this complex. Placement will be key to getting those confirmed kills.”

As Season 3 progresses, players will also be introduced to Hardhat, another Multiplayer map, and Aisle 9, a new Gunfight Map. That, and two new Multiplayer modes, Gun Game Reloaded and Reinfected Ground War, are anticipated to be released soon.

The SKS Returns

Made popular in past Call of Duty titles, the SK Sierra, a lightweight, semi-auto marksman rifle with an impressive fire rate for its class, makes its return to Call of Duty once again. In addition to the new Marksmen Rifle, IW has also introduced a new secondary weapon, the Renetti. It’s a lethal pistol that excels in close-range combat likely to give the X16 and the .50 GS a run for their money. 

There’s a new classified weapon still to come, too.

19 Weapon Blueprints Added 

Players can now start unlocking weapon blueprints. Blueprints are pre-assembled with different attachments to cater to a range of play styles and weapon capabilities. Some blueprints players may run in to are: ‘Sandstorm’ Shotgun Blueprint, ‘Black Asp’ AR Blueprint, ‘Rampage’ SMG Blueprint, ‘Xerocole’ LMG Blueprint, and ‘Muck and Mire’ Shotgun Blueprint.

Alex is Back + Two New Operators Ronin and Iskra

Alex Echo 3-1 New MW Season 3 Operator
Photo Courtesy of Activision

As soon as players purchase the Battle Pass, they’ll unlock the central protagonist from the MW campaign, Alex. Included with Alex, the new operator, is his Hard-Wired cosmetic skin that can be equipped following the Battle Pass purchase.

Although Alex is playable now, Ronin and Iskra will make their Call of Duty debut later this season. 

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Featured photo via Activision.

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