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Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile: Two quick tips to help in the battlefield

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is pretty deep for a smaller version of the iconic franchise. From tutorials to multiplayer, to Battle Royale, there’s a little bit of everything. The controls are fairly simple to learn, making it a good option for new CoD players. This is even more perfect since there are many mobile gamers who don’t play on console or PC.

With the weird current living conditions, there are certainly more folks converting to console and PC Call of Duty. However, before the craziness, a lot of people were on the go and needed their gaming fix. So they turned to mobile games, and this has been a way for many people to get their taste. This is why there has been such a spike in mobile gaming. And even while at home, an iPhone or Android is still a hot system.

There are a few ways that the game can be enjoyed and taken advantage of. But here are a couple of basic tips to know when diving into a game online. It has everything to do with weaponry, which, of course, is immensely important in the game.

Choose a good loadout

Call of Duty Mobile

This one is pretty obvious but it’s something to take note of, if players are new to the game. It’s important to choose the right weapons when heading into an online game. The starting loadout is always a good one to get comfortable with, it’s usually an AK-47 of some kind. And in order to get more weapons, players need to get their level up by playing games which will allow you to unlock new loadouts.

If the player likes using a sniper rifle, then they can do that. This is great if the player enjoys having a good vantage point and firing from above. No matter what they choose, there are some good options for everyone. Why not tweak with different loadouts to get a feel for different ones? It’s all about getting comfortable.

Once the player does that, then they’ll be a Call of Duty Mobile pro in no time. Familiarity and comfortably is really everything here. Of course, don’t be afraid to switch it up every now and then. Tweak around and have some fun.

Add an Operator Skill

Call of Duty Mobile

Operator Skills are like a player’s best friend on the mobile battlefield. They are essentially specialty weapons that can deal a certain amount of damage. The damage could be more devastating than any of your guns. Similarly to loadouts, players need to get in some matches and get their rank up. Once they get to a required rank, they can use acquire certain Operator Skills.

Although it takes a little work to get the level up, players can still get some decent Operator Skills at lower levels. There are a few that can be bought too, so there are numerous options. One that will be available very early is the Purifier, which is essentially like a flamethrower. And although these can’t be a player’s go-to, they come in handy.

They’re especially good when dealing with multiple enemies. Players can get a couple of kills in just one good shot. So if the access is available to add an Operator skill, then definitely do it.

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