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Call of Duty Mobile Should be Incorporated into the CDL Universe

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been out for a little while now and has done quite well for itself. It quickly became one of the most downloaded mobile games of all-time in the process. And with the Call of Duty League here which was off to a solid start, things seem to be looking positive on all sides of the game. But although CoD Mobile is highly successful, it definitely deserves more love from the professional side of things.

It would be a great addition to the CDL world which already has another layer to it. Challengers would be a way to implement it and it’s a great way for fans to see future stars. It essentially plays like a semi-pro league for the CDL or even a proving grounds of sorts. It’s a fun thing for players to get involved with and it’s fun for the fans as well.

Giving CoD Mobile its own league that’s connected to the CDL would give fans extra enjoyment. If PUBG Mobile can have a league, then why can’t CoD Mobile? But if it is going to be done, it needs to be connected with the pro league. This way, it will be more organized, and easier for fans to consume. For those in doubt, here are some benefits of having a CoD Mobile league within CDL.

Great addition for CDL fans


The ever-growing number of mobile gamers has helped CoD Mobile become a massive success. It’s clear that people not only love Call of Duty, but they enjoy the world of mobile as well. Although mobile esports are still fresh to many, it will continue to rise the ranks. And what better game to jump into the mobile esports division than Call of Duty Mobile? It will give fans new a new way to root for their favorite teams.

Pro mobile players will get a crack at it

Call of Duty Mobile

There are a lot of aspiring mobile esports players out there who likely love CoD Mobile. This will give those players an opportunity at going pro in an esport they enjoy. It’ll introduce fans to a slew of unique talents for them to root for, as they cheer for the main teams. There should be plenty of players to fill out lineups pretty easily. It would great for everyone to see such talents on full display.

It’ll introduce people to mobile esports

Mobile Esports

This sort of piggybacks off of the first benefit, but has a wider lens. As esports are rapidly exploding, there’s one area that has planted a big boot down but has done so somewhat quietly, and that’s mobile esports. It’s easy for people to bypass it because it isn’t covered or streamed as much (for now, but that will change). There aren’t many big-time mobile dedicated organizations aside from Tribe Gaming which has a large following. Having a division/league within the CDL family dedicated to CoD Mobile will help mobile esports flap its wings harder. Call of Duty has that kind of power and would be a welcoming addition.

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