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Call of Duty Mobile: Omen Challenger Series, a Fun Peak at Mobile Esports

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular games on phones. That said, as highly regarded and downloaded as it is, its competitive scene as not as noted. On Wednesday and Thursday, Omen hosted a Challenger Series in a bracket-style. It featured eight top tier, mobile esports teams, competing for a $500 prize pool.

Among notable participants included Omen’s own team and Tribe Gaming. Tribe is arguably considered to be the biggest organization in mobile esports. Different modes were played such as Search & Destroy which was a highlight for the matches. It was a good way to take in some Call of Duty action in a unique way.

Sure, mobile esports has been around, but fans don’t see it on the big stage as much as PC and console games. With the continued growth of mobile gaming, the esports side should rise along with it. So it’s fun to take in something that gives fans a glimpse into the future of esports.

And the matches were intense, with several highlights, including some epic killstreaks. Keep in mind that this was a pretty small tournament, but those players were hungry. They wanted to prove why they were among the best COD Mobile players around.

Shots were fired left and right and the kills were getting piled up. As mentioned in a previous story here on The Game Haus, it seems like it would make sense to incorporate COD Mobile into the CDL somehow. The matches aren’t going to be as wildly intense as the CDL ones but they’d be pretty darn close.

The future of COD Mobile esports?

Plus, COD Mobile also features some of the best maps. Most of these maps are based on iconic ones from COD games of the past. So with a nice blend like that, it will give fans a variety. Plus, it may bring them some nostalgia.

How big COD Mobile esports can get is anybody’s guess. But, if anyone had a chance to soak in a bit of the Omen Challengers tourney, then fans can see the potential. And just when everyone thinks esports is deep enough, there are things like the mobile side. If the CDL and CDL Challengers continue to blossom, then don’t be shocked of COD Mobile joins the fray.

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