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Call of Duty League Power Rankings: Preseason

The Call of Duty League starts up in a couple of days and with that, the league will start its first season in the franchising era. This is a pretty big step for Call of Duty because it will be representing cities for the first time in its history with tournaments every weekend. All of the teams will be heading to Minnesota to start off the season with the expected high hopes of every other team. The question is, which team is looking the best to start off the season?

The Game Haus will have all of its team writers putting together their own power rankings each week. Then they will be combined and put out here. As a culmination of the entire crew’s opinions, these rankings will see some interesting results week to week. The team writers will then comment on the positioning of their teams.

1. Atlanta Faze

The Atlanta Faze are the team to beat. They have been dominating pre-season scrims and have shown they have what it takes to go up against the likes of established Call of Duty veterans. All they have to do now is show up on LAN.

Cailey Ives

2. Chicago Huntsmen

The Chicago Huntsmen are one of the best teams on paper. It will be imperative to play fundamentally sound Call of Duty in order to succeed on opening weekend.

Daniel Schwartz

3. Dallas Empire

This team has been consistently ranked amongst the top teams coming into the season. With the players they have picked up there is no doubt that they have championship aspirations in mind. Starting off on the right foot in week one will be a must if this team should hope to fulfill those expectations.

Robert “Sorezen” Hanes

4. LA Guerrillas

While not regarded as highly as the three teams above them, the Guerrillas could be sneaky good this year. Lead by ACHES, this team could surprise people as a serious contender in 2020. If nothing else this cast of mostly veterans will do what it takes to push towards the playoffs.

Robert “Sorezen” Hanes

5. Seattle Surge

The Seattle Surge have what it takes to be a competitive team. With a solid core, scrim victories and a successful organization in the OWL, this team is ready to win some games. LAN wins will be their next big challenge!

Jose Escobedo

6. Minnesota Rokkr

Towards the middle of the pack, it should be a wild ride for the Rokkr. It could go either way for them, but they have a chance to surprise folks this season with their steady roster.

Colin Mieczkowski

7. Florida Mutineers

As of the preseason, it makes sense for the Mutineers to be middle of the pack. However, having looked at their performance in scrims, the Mutineers should outperform most teams this season once they get into a groove.

Mark Ellis

8. OpTic Gaming LA

Optic Gaming has the potential to be a powerhouse team this year in the CDL. Their combination of experience and young talent make them a team to look out for!

Ryan Mannion

9. NY Subliners

There are some who are much higher on this team than others. They definitely have players with plenty of potential. Bringing together two from old FaZe and Evil Geniuses means there will be some cohesion between those players. Other than that it will take the team learning to work together to make any major moves.

– Robert “Sorenzen” Hanes

10. Toronto Ultra

While boasting the biggest roster in the league, the Ultra are not looking to be a squad that will contend early on. It is possible that they will be essentially trialing players and then trimming their roster down from there. Until a starting five are solidified this team will likely remain near the bottom of the standings.

– Robert “Sorenzen” Hanes

11. London Royal Ravens

Like the other European team, London’s roster does not inspire a lot of confidence. Outside of the twin brothers wuskin and Skrapz, there is not a lot of success among them. They will be repping their country though and are young so with time the team could develop well.

Robert “Sorenzen” Hanes

12. Paris Legion

It is not a surprise to see the Legion this low. Because of so many unknown players, it will be hard to know just how well they could do. After a couple of weeks of action, it is possible that they could surprise us but for now, they’ve earned where they are.

Robert “Sorenzen” Hanes

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Our voters for CoDL Power Rankings: Cailey Ives, Daniel Schwartz, Jose Escobedo, Colin Mieczkowski, Mark Ellis, Ryan Mannion, Robert Hanes

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