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Call of Duty League: Online Only

CDL online only

Call of Duty League: Online Only

Due to COVID-19 the Call of Duty League has just announced that all currently scheduled 2020 live events are going to be online-only. The new matches will still be broadcasted as dates and tune-in details are to be later announced. The CDL is recommending to follow host teams’ websites and socials for further details as the details are sorted out.

Image Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

Chicago Home Series Chalked

The Chicago home series was one of the most anticipated events of the season as the Huntsmen have gained a massive and loyal fan base. Currently all general admission tickets and nearly all VIP tickets were sold out for the event but unfortunately it has now been cancelled. 


With the cancellation of all of these events all of the Call of Duty League will now be played online-only. What will this mean for the Chicago Huntsmen? The bulk of the team is located in Texas while Matthew “FormaL” Piper lives in Los Angeles, California. Perhaps the team will fly FormaL out to Texas to the Heczquarters to ensure high quality connections. All of this is speculation though as the announcement that the cancellation was just put out. The Huntsmen are a formidable beast on LAN but now teams with better connections will be able to push engagements that they typically would not against Chicago. Milliseconds make a world of difference in esports and an online only tournament will drastically affect power rankings. 

Health and Safety

The health and safety of everyone involved is of the utmost importance to the Call of Duty League. Though this announcement is sure to be met with some initial anger it is for the safety of the public. It would have been glorious to cheer on the Huntsmen on their home turf. But, it is for the best that the event is canceled. Fans will still be able to cheer them on though as they watch the rest of the season unfold online.

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