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Call of Duty League Meta: MP7 Making Some Noise

Pro players have slowly introduced a new weapon into the meta over the past few weeks. The MP7 has made appearances in scrims and has fans trying the gun out in the new Warzone game mode. This gun might take over as the best SMG in competitive Call of Duty.

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What Makes the MP7 So Good?

Call of Duty fans all over the world are starting to notice how good the MP7 really is. Players like Kenny and Simp have been using the powerful weapon in scrims the past week and the results have been phenomenal. A combination of a fast rate of fire and high mobility allow SMG slayers to fly around the map and get the kills their team needs to win. These tools are also paired with a decent damage stat to make a complete weapon. In comparison to the MP5, this gun simply out performs in almost every scenario.

MP7 vs MP5

The previous meta had SMG slayers and flex players using the MP5. The weapon deals high amounts of damage and is still lethal at long ranges. However, the MP7 fits the playstyle of a SMG slayer much better than the MP5. The higher rate of fire allows for a solid hip fire and quicker kills. While we may see some flex players use the MP5 due to its advantage at medium and longer ranges, SMG slayers will most likely switch to the MP7.

Call of Duty League Meta: MP7 Making Some Noise
Image Courtesy of the Toronto Ultra
Where to Watch

The Toronto Ultra have organized a 5v5 tournament via GameBattles set to begin on March 28. While none of the pro teams have officially signed up, this is a perfect opportunity to see the MP7 in action. There will be no lack of talent at this event and it should provide many thrills throughout the tournament.

Call of Duty is known for having a dynamic meta due to various patches and evolving playstyles. The MP7 may turn the scene upside down and change how teams prepare for matches. Only time will tell how the MP7 affects the Call of Duty League.

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