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Call of Duty League Launch Weekend: An Incendiary Opening Match

Call of Duty League Opening Weekend

The Stage is Set

The Call Of Duty League is in its infancy yet on launch weekend there is already a storied past between the two teams of the first match. There is a vendetta that needs to be settled. On January 24, 2020 at the Minneapolis Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota the Chicago Huntsmen and the Dallas Empire will be facing off. They will be playing in the first-ever match of the brand new Call of Duty League. During the pre-season a bitter rivalry has been playing out. Both of these teams have been emerging as the best in the league along with the Atlanta Faze. This rivalry has been building since their top talents were part of a dynasty while they were with OpTic Gaming. 

The Vendetta

Crimsix, Scump, Formal and Karma
Photo Courtesy of Robb McCormick Photography

The fallout of the restructuring of OpTic Gaming has left some bad blood between the Chicago Huntsmen and the Dallas Empire. Ian “Crimsix” Porter of the Empire and Seth “Scump” Abner of the Huntsmen were part of a dynasty with OpTic Gaming. They were not only teammates but also friends. This friendship would not last though.

The team removed Crimsix from the roster after they placed third in the Call of Duty World League Championships 2019. Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez informed Crimsix that the new roster would play without him. Crimsix felt betrayed. H3CZ would later leave OpTic and join NRG Esports as Co-CEO. There he would form the Chicago Huntsmen. Scump would then follow H3CZ and play for the newly formed team. Crimsix would go on to join the Dallas Empire under Mike “Hastr0’ Rufail where he would prepare for revenge. Crimsix has said of his former teammates that “I want to put them in the dirt.” These are very strong words and it is clear that he is holding a grudge. There is a true rivalry between these two teams already. They are both shaping up to be the biggest organizations in the Call of Duty League.

Scump Versus Crimsix

Scump will be answering Crimsix’s call to revenge. He will answer the best way he knows how, by letting his skills do the talking. Scump has said that he has moved on from this feud regarding Crimsix. He has said “If you have beef with me fine, come and beat me.” While Scump may have moved on, Crimsix will definitely be gunning for him.

Worlds Will Collide

While Scump and Crimsix settle the score of their storied past, there are other storylines to follow. James “Clayster” Eubanks of the Dallas Empire was also a part of OpTic where he played with Scump. Clayster also competed with the Huntsmen’s Alec “Arcitys’ Sanderson on eUnited where they took first place in the Call of Duty World League Championships 2019. CWL Champs 2019 was also the last time that Scump and Crimsix would be on the same roster where they took third place. Matthew “Formal” Piper of the Chicago Huntsmen was a part OpTic Gaming during their dynasty and also Team Envy. Team Envy’s parent company is Envy Gaming the owners of the Dallas Empire.

Call of Duty League Launch Weekend

Call of Duty Launch Weekend, January 24-26
Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty League

On launch weekend of the Call of Duty League there is already a huge history between the two teams of the very first match. The match is set to take place at 4:30PM central time on January 24, 2020.  Scump, Formal and the Huntsmen will face off against Crimsix, Clayster and the Empire. Be sure to watch as a vendetta is settled while these titans of the Call of Duty competitive scene go head to head for the first time in the new league.

Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty League 

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