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Call of Duty Gameplay on Next Gen Consoles

As is tradition, there is always the anticipation surrounding how much more game developers can push the boundaries of technology to simulate an even more immersive gaming experience. At the moment, however, there isn’t yet as many consumer opinions online about the quality of the new Call of Duty Cold War gameplay on the lastest next-generation consoles. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, however, given the fact that both the game and the consoles were only just released not too long ago, it makes it very likely that gamers are still yet to get their hands on the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, whichever is preferred.

It is also likely that gamers are looking forward to getting the set-up right and complete with power packed home speakers and high-resolution TV so as not to jeopardize experiencing the improvements that have been made to the game and the consoles in any way. And with the year’s biggest sale right around the corner, it wouldn’t be too hard to secure these other equally important pieces for gaming at the best prices from the Black Friday deals 2020, where you can get a 55´´4K Smart TV at Walmart for a special price of only $148.

Both consoles support 4K resolution and up to 12Hz providing better frames, this is a vital piece of information that is instrumental to the intended immersive experience, so do with information what needs to be done.

Better Sound Design

For one, Call of Duty Cold War developers have shared that in addition to enhancements which support haptic feedback related functions, a revamped audio design has been made to the game benefitting both the PS5 & Series X/S. This new design is supposed to improve the real feel experience of shooting, and now you can really hear the bullets shooting above or below you forcing you to stand up or crouch, says one of the directors at the Treyarch gaming company where the Call of Duty games are made.

Improved Graphic Power

Some of the more obvious concerns though have to do with how much Call of Duty Cold War game developers took advantage of exciting features like the DualSense nature of the next gen console, in this case the PS5 as well as other improvements to visual specs such as frame rate and 4k resolution. Reviews across the board so far have come in strong from outlets who make it their jobs to give gamers early feedback. The most positive feedback has centred around the visuals being crisp and excellent on both the next gen consoles, with impressed gamers applauding the look and feel of the game.

DualSense has the Edge

Other more prominent feedback was titled in favour of Call of Duty gameplay on the PS5 with its DualSense quality because of the benefits of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Gamers have expressed that on the DualSense controller the shooting feels a lot more dynamic and there is this incredible ability to recognise the difference in how every gun shoots differently. This makes the gameplay with a DualSense controller unique, a lot more immersive and a whole lot more addictive.

It is still too early to tell whether the general consensus on the Call of Duty gameplay on these next generation consoles will be overwhelmingly positive but so far, the feedback has been decent, only time will tell if it becomes a favourite for die hard gamers.

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