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Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Can Become the Best Zombies Experience

COld War Zombies Map Mauer Der Toten

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies has the chance to become the best zombies experience ever. Although Treyarch has been criticized for lack of content, the game’s new approach to zombies has endured itself to fans. With Call of Duty 2021 expected to release later this year, there are a few more improvements that Cold War can make to have the best zombies experience to date.

New Mechanics Add to the Gamemode’s Success

The gameplay mechanics in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies are some of the most innovative to zombies since its debut in World at War. Originally in zombies, players could only have up to four perks in a normal game. However, Cold War Zombies removed the perk limit and introduced upgradable perks, guns, ammo mods and field upgrades. Players are able to upgrade these after earning Aetherium Crystals to unlock extra effects that these can give. This ranges from Juggernog allowing a sixth hit when players are meant to go down to earning health when meleeing zombies.

Another big change is the addition of scorestreaks and exfilling, two new aspects for zombies. Players are able to craft scorestreaks and use them to increase their zombie killing power. Instead of downing or quitting, exfilling allows players to end the game and fight off a final horde of zombies to escape and earn more crystals. Exfil is available starting round ten, and every five rounds after that.

The last big change Cold War Zombies made is to the movement system. Until Cold War, the most players could do in a zombies match is slide and go prone. Cold War Zombies decided to revamp it entirely. In addition to keeping the sliding, players are able to mantle and use multiplayer movement in zombies. In Outbreak, players can also use vehicles to move around the map. This improvement to the movement system has allowed players to clutch up in new ways.

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Suffers From Lack of Content

Although the changes made to the gamemode have elevated it to a solid zombies mode, there has been a lack of content which hinders the mode. The biggest issue with Cold War Zombies is the lack of zombies maps. At launch, Die Maschene was the only map to play. Although it had a strong start, once the honeymoon effect had worn off, players in the community started anticipating the next map. In between launch and the release of Firebase Z, there was two side modes called Jingle Hells and Cranked. These gamemodes were new, but ultimately not enough to satisfy the community.

Firebase Z released in early February, and it was an average map. Although it released a new wonder weapon called the RAI-K 84, the map itself did not really live up to the hype the community was expecting a DLC one to be. Treyarch also didn’t help themselves by nerfing the RAI-K. Following the release of Firebase Z, Outbreak was DLC two. This open world gamemode was a new way to play zombies. However, the community did not like it since it was not a round based map, and also replaced a third round based map with this new experience. The zombies health was also buffed and sparked the need for a rebalance or the addition of Double Tap.

This five month space between round based maps had players anticipating for a great map with Mauer der Toten. The map released along side with Mule Kick, and proved to be a solid map. However, the expectations of the community were too high for the map to reach, and it did not do as well. However, the game as a whole is solid, but needs some improvement to be a great zombies game.

How Can Cold War Zombies Improve?

Cold War Zombies has the chance to improve with the release of DLC four. Up to now, there has only been one game that has only three DLC maps with World at War. The Easter Egg for Mauer der Toten and the story really solidified it as one of the best maps in Cold War. A DLC four with a great Easter Egg and good replayability could push Cold War to a great game. Along with the DLC four, Double Tap and PHD Flopper should be added to the game, as those perks are the most natable perks that are missing in the game. Double Tap will help increase the damage output of guns, and PHD will reduce explosive damage taken by the players. These two perks would give players a total of eleven perks, with Death Perception being announced recently for Season Five.

The biggest rumor in the zombies community is the idea of Zombies Chronicles Two. In Black Ops III, Treyarch released the greatest zombies DLC of all time with eight remastered maps which pushed Black Ops III to be one of the best games. With hope that Zombies Chronicles Two releases with TranZit, Die Rise, Nuketown, Buried and possibly some Black Ops III maps. If there is a sequel to Zombies Chronicles, that has the biggest potential to make Cold War Zombies the greatest zombies game of all time.

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