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Black Ops 4 opening weekend patch notes

Black Ops 4

It’s four days into Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Treyarch is working on numerous patches and updates. The Black Ops developer released an update on Sunday addressing problems in Zombies, multiplayer, Blackout and general game issues.


Black Ops 4 opening weekend patch notes
Some of Treyarch’s biggest updates today came in the Zombies game-mode. Image via @Treyarch

Some of the biggest updates in yesterday’s patch were made to Zombies. Treyarch increased player health in classic mode by 50 points in casual, normal and hardcore difficulties. Some other changes include an adjustment to the rate at which players earn points, Tiger attacks and the Hellfire special weapon. With this Zombies mode breaking the mold set by previous titles, and many feeling that this is the most difficult Zombies mode to date, it will be interesting to see how Treyarch decides to change and/or maintain the game.


The main update to Blackout is in regard to character selection. Many players reported having problems unlocking the Ajax character for Blackout matches. Some players, mainly on Xbox One, have reported connection issues in the Squads Blackout playlist. In a Reddit post today, Treyarch announced that they are actively looking into the issue. Making quick fixes is a staple of Battle Royale games, and Treyarch seems up to the task.


In multiplayer, create-a-class and gameplay changes were the main focus. Players will now be able to unlock Mastercraft camos for guns, such as gold and diamond camos. As of yesterday, Score-streak kills will not count toward progress on challenges. This puts more emphasis on gun and equipment kills.

Many competitive players have reported issues in private match Search and Destroy games. Many players have experienced games ending after only seven rounds instead of them being a best of 11. Treyarch announced today that they are looking into the issue and that a fix should be out later this week.

Be on the lookout for more Treyarch updates throughout the week. The developer stated today that they are also looking into problems with the emblem maker and red dots. Many players have had issues with their red dots and other reticles disappearing mid-game or not showing up at all.

Treyarch also has plans to add leaderboards, combat records and League Play to the game in upcoming patches. Overall things seem to be shaping up well for this addition of the Call of Duty series.

Full patch notes from Sunday’s update can be found below, via Treyarch’s official Reddit.

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