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The Best Weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard

With Call of Duty: Vanguard coming out in early November, casual players and pros alike are beginning to find out the best weapons in Vanguard.

With the new Call of Duty coming out in a month, the community along with the Call of Duty League and its players are beginning to figure out the best weapons in Vanguard to use competitively. Consequently, this is sparking major debates on what guns to use and what not to use during this upcoming season of the Call of Duty League. 


PPSH-41  – History & Usage

To be or not to be a submachine gun player. If you love using SMGs the most, this is your gun. By far, this is one of the most storied weapons in the franchise itself as it has been used in 7 major Call of Duty installments, including Warzone. Kenny “Kenny” Williams was known to slay out with this weapon in the Call of Duty: WW2 season of the Call of Duty World League. It looks to continue its famed run in the storied franchise, while maybe even having another player known for using it. 

The PPSH or “pssh pssh”, as it is called by many Call of Duty players, is said to be used mostly as an aggressive SMG player that loves to play at range. Another benefit of using the gun is its large magazine of bullets which adds to its range as well which could both benefit Call of Duty professionals and casual players alike. 


This is quite possibly the best gun out right now, other than the famed PPSH of course. As SMG slayers, Scump and Envoy, have been using it a lot in the Beta of the game. It has been used in seven major Call of Duty installments. 

The gun is used by extremely aggressive players that like to play up close and personal with their opposition. The MP40 is known also to be a clunky gun with a lot of firepower in its bullets with a satisfying sight to aim into as well which could be great for all Call of Duty players, pro or not. 

Assault Rifles:


This AR has been used in only a couple of Call of Duty’s this past decade. It is known to many players like MethodZ are currently using the weapon at will as he recently got a nuclear kills streak while using it. 

To many, this is the assault rifle version of the PPSH. This is due to the gun having good range and a faster fire rate than a lot of the other assault rifles in Vanguard. However, it is not as powerful as the BAR. 


One of the most powerful assault rifles in history. The gun is known to be used by a lot of famous professional players such as Crimsix and Slasher. It is a powerful gun with a really slow fire rate. 

It is for players that are not as aggressive as ARs and instead stand back and slay out on the outsides of the maps. Players tend to use this as the damage from the BAR is the most out of nearly all guns in the game. However, the downside is the lack of mobility and slow fire rate. 



This sniper has been known for a long time. It was introduced, just like these other guns, in the early stages of the Call of Duty franchise. It has gained most of its popularity because of how it is used in Warzone. However, in Vanguard, it is nearly the same mechanics. With a quick fire rate and quick aim down sight speed, this gun looks to be scary if used in the CDL.

All the guns in Call of Duty: Vanguard is set with nearly 60 attachments for both SMGs and ARs in the game. This could either cause a lot of problems within the Call of Duty competitive community or could be something that was desperately needed to further the enjoyment of the game itself. 

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