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Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps of All Time

Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps

Call of Duty Zombies started in World at War and became a mainstay in the Black Ops series. Throughout the years, Call of Duty Zombies has seen a lot of growth from a sidemode to a game mode with a passionate fanbase. There are currently 33 zombies maps in the Black Ops series, but only one can be the best zombies map of all time.

5. Kino der Toten

Kino der Toten is a launch map on Call of Duty: Black Ops. This map has a simple design of a ruined theater after the zombie outbreak. It has features similar to Der Riese with the mystery box, the teleporter and the pack-a-punch machine. Kino der Toten also features the Ultimis crew with Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolai continuing the storyline after the events in Der Riese.

The ease of the map sharply contrasts the other launch map Five’s difficulty. New players were able to hop on Kino der Toten and play with ease, leading this map to become one of the most iconic maps in zombies history. This map also helped push training to new heights as the stage is the preferred area to train for high rounds.  Kino der Toten also introduced the Thundergun, a wonder weapon that blasts zombies away from the player. The pack-a-punched version of the Thundergun, the Zeus Cannon, allowed players to become practically invincible.

When Kino der Toten was released, it was the pinnacle of zombies. However, as time progressed, more maps released and replaced it. But Kino der Toten still stands tall in the eyes of zombies fans.

4. Shadows of Evil

Shadows of Evil is the launch map of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.  The map focuses on Morg City, a city filled with corruption and murder. The cast of Nero Blackstone, Jessica Rose, Jack Vincent and Floyd Campbell are in a nightmare version of their city by the Shadowman, Black Ops III’s antagonist. The four characters are tricked into releasing the Shadowman from the Summoning Key, and team up to trap him back inside through the Easter Egg.

The map itself is a masterpiece. The style of a 1940’s city is perfectly executed as the three districts shine in their own unique way. The brightness of the Canal district and the Footlight district contrasts with the dark Waterfront district in a perfect way. The implementation of jazz music as a way to immerse the player into the 1940’s is another excellent touch to the map’s design. Each perk jingle is replaced with a new jazz version.

Pack-a-punch changed and allowed players to upgrade their weapons twice. The first use costs 5000 points to upgrade the weapon and the second use costs 2500 points to add an alternative ammo type. This is the first change to pack-a-punch since its debut in Der Riese. Shadows of Evil also improved the shield to include a rocket boost, allowing players to knock down zombies. Another addition to the map is Widows Wine, a new perk that shoots a web slowing zombies if a player is hit. Beast Mode allowed players to open up the map in a similar style to Afterlife from Mob of the Dead.

Shadows of Evil suffered a weak start in Black Ops III, but the map is easily in the conversation for the best map of all time.

3. Der Eisendrache

Der Eisendrache is the DLC one map for Call of Duty: Black Ops III and it built off the success of Shadows of Evil and The Giant. Players head to the Griffin’s Castle to erase Ultimis Dempsey from existence. Once arriving at the castle, players spawn into a familiar but different setting to receive the wonder weapon of the map. Players can obtain the bow by feeding three dragons, much like how the Hell’s Retriever is obtained in Mob of the Dead. Players can also build a shield and upgrade their bows to elemental variants, much like in Origins. Similarly to Origins, the Panzersoldat makes a return in Der Eisendrache with the infamous claw replaces with a shock charge shooter to add some needed difficulty to the map.

Der Eisendrache introduced players to the Lightning Bow, Void Bow, Wolf Bow and the Fire Bow. Although the damage output is the same, the bows cater to different playstyles. The Lightning Bow allows for players to camp whereas the Wolf Bow is more suited for training. Treyarch giving players options for the wonder weapon variants improves the map tremendously. Players can use the bows to help complete the main Easter Egg on the map. Der Eisendrache gave players the first official boss fight in Treyarch Zombies history with a battle against a corrupted keeper and ended with the crew killing Ultimis Dempsey and blowing up the moon.

Der Eisendrache is the start of the very successful Black Ops III Zombies DLC season. Although the map can be easy, Der Eisendrache solidified itself as one of the best zombies maps of all time.

2. Mob of the Dead

In the midst of a failing Victis storyline, Call of Duty: Black Ops II needed to shift in a different direction. Jason Blundell released his first map and it changed zombies. The setting is one of the most unique in zombies history. Players spawn into a zombified Alcatraz Island and play as one of four mobsters. The map takes place in the Prohibition Era of America, and the mobsters hatch a plan to escape the jail.

Mob of the Dead is a fantastic map with new features that gave the map its uniqueness. The Afterlife mode replaced Quick Revive. It allowed players to open up the map by shocking boxes with electricity, to revive themselves and to kill zombies. Players spawn in Afterlife and learn the mechanic rather than later in the map which would be more complicated. The Blundergat is the wonder weapon that can be upgraded with the Acid Kit or with the pack-a-punch machine. The map also features the Hell’s Retriever, a tomahawk weapon that players receive after feeding the three dogs. Players encountered a new perk called Electric Cherry, which gave players a protective electric burst of energy while reloading.

The Easter Egg is one of the most unique Easter Eggs in zombies history. It follows the mobster’s attempts to escape the island, and ends with a final battle on the bridge. The players controlling Salvatore, Billy and Finn must kill Albert and vice versa to complete the Easter Egg. If Albert wins, then the cycle is broken, but if the other three win, the cycle continues.

Mob of the Dead marked a new start for Black Ops II zombies, and changed zombies  to be one of the best zombies maps of all time.


The best zombies map of all time is Origins from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This is the first map featuring the Primis crew and is the start of the events that transpire in Black Ops III.

The map begins as World War One nears its end and has the players save Samantha for the Easter Egg. Players spawn in and begin the map with the giant robot stepping above them, immersing them into the story. Within the map, there are six 115 Generators that act as a replacement for power.  As players progress, they can build the elemental staffs by either finding them or completing certain steps to get them. Players can also upgrade the staffs to a more powerful ultimate staffs through unique upgrade quests.

Origins brought several new features to zombies. The Wunderfizz machine allows players to spend 1500 points to get a random perk. This machine features on several Black Ops III maps as well as all the Zombies Chronicles maps. Origins also introduced three new power-ups: Zombie Blood, Blood Money and Empty Perk Bottle. Zombie blood allowed players to go invisible, while Blood Money gave players a number of points, usually 500. The Empty Perk Bottle allowed players to grab another perk past the limit of four.

The map also gave players the Panzersoldat, a super soldier that would end games if players were not prepared. This gave the map added difficulty because without the Panzersoldat, Origins would be too easy. The Easter Egg for the map also provides much needed difficulty to the map. The players need to upgrade all four staffs and use the maxis drone to complete a series of tasks in order to free Samantha from the Aether. Once Samantha is free, the ending cutscene plays as it concludes the best zombies map of all time.

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