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Be The Hunter: Arcitys

Be The Hunter: Arcitys

Be The Hunter

Arcitys NRG

Photo Courtesy of NRG Esports

Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson is the main AR player for the Chicago Huntsmen and an absolute beast in the Call of Duty League. Arcitys strives to serve as a catalyst for the rest of his team and because of this he is a world champion. He looks to make the rest of his squad the best they can possibly be and will do what is necessary to achieve this.

Currently, Arcitys is helping bring the Chicago Huntsmen to new heights in the CDL as he brings his insane AR skills to the table. Arcitys wants to be the best in Call of Duty and is well on his way as he is able to reach his potential with the rest of the Huntsmen. It is time for Arcitys to be the hunter.

The Past

Arcitys is 21 years old and from the state of Washington. Here he lived with his twin brother Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson until his parents divorced. Arcitys went on to live his dad while Prestinni went with his mother. The twins kept in touch by playing Xbox with each other. During the time Arcitys was serious about playing football. That is though until he received a concussion during his first high school game. This injury derailed his life as afterward he became very agitated and depressed. Arcitys needed some relief and needed to change his life, he needed his twin brother.

The Road to Competitive

Arcitys and Prestinni would go on to start playing Call of Duty very seriously. They would then embark on a quest to their first tournament. During this time they were living together in northern California and asked their mother if they could go to Anaheim to compete. She agreed as the boys were truly passionate about playing competitively. During the trip though their car would break down and they would never make it to the event. This made Arcitys vow to get a job and start funding his foray into the competitive Call of Duty scene. Both of the twins would move back to Washington and start working at Dairy Queen. They would help fund each other to get new consoles and televisions to start practicing. This was the beginning of a currently fruitful career for both boys.

The Rise

Both Arcitys and his twin brother Prestinni would begin playing for Apotheon Esports after they turned 18. Here they would place in the top 12 of MLG Olrando, the highest placing amateur team at the tournament. They would then go on to join GosuCrew during Infintie Warfare with Arcitys’ current teammate Peirce “Gunless” Hillman. Shortly after this the trio of Arcitys, Prestinni, and Gunless would be picked up by eUnited. Here the team proved themselves as they would go on to win the CWL Atlanta Open defeating OpTic Gaming. The $20,000 prize awarded to each team member was huge for Arcitys. This proved to him that he could make a living off of Call of Duty and that he truly was a player to look out for.

World Champions

During Black Ops 4 Arcitys was one of the best in the game. He had proven himself to be a top tier AR player and was shooting for the top. He would achieve his dream of becoming a champion as eUnited would go on to win the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019. Arcitys was now a champion and the sky was the limit for this budding star. Arcitys would soon become the hunter.

The Twins

Arcitys sometimes gets frustrated always being lumped together with his twin brother. They are both extremely talented individually and shine on their own and both are setting out to make a name for themselves. Arcitys has been forging his own path currently with the Chicago Huntsmen and is definitely shaking things up and letting it be known that he is a force to be reckoned with. Arcitys sometimes regrets not teaming with his brother but the offer to join the Huntsmen was an opportunity he simply could not pass up. Now with Chicago he has the foundation of strong leadership to guide him as well as a roster of friends, personal heroes, and a rookie prodigy. This formula makes the Chicago Huntsmen a game-winning team and championship contenders. 

The Huntsmen

Arcitys is absolutely thriving with the Chicago Huntsmen. He currently has an extremely strong team that allows him to fulfill his true potential. He also helps support his team so they can achieve new heights with him. During the opening weekend of the CDL he was on the top five K/D of the league and has remained a dominant player. Arcitys has all of the tools necessary to become a back to back champion and is seeing his dream come to fruition with Chicago. Arcitys has now become the hunter.

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