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What does the last major mean for Atlanta FaZe?

After their worst performance this past weekend, what does the last major mean for Atlanta FaZe?

Over this past weekend, the Call of Duty League had their final major this season. The major was played in Texas, where the state allowed fans to attend the event. It was the first LAN (Land Area Network) event, with fans, in over a year. One question that needs to be answered though is, what does the last major mean for Atlanta FaZe? 

In the event, there were many upsets such as OpTic Chicago beating the Dallas Empire and the Minnesota Rokkr beating the Toronto Ultra in the finals by a reverse sweep. However, all of that is overshadowed by two specific upsets, Atlanta FaZe losing to both the Surge and the eventual major champions, Rokkr. 

What Happened?

FaZe started off as the second seed in the group in the winner’s bracket due to them losing to OpTic in group play. The first team they had to play was the Rokkr. In this match, Simp and AbeZy, the tiny terrors, struggled to show their true form against the likes of Attach and Priestahh. In turn, they ended up losing by a shocking 3-1 map count. 

Later, after the loss, it then caused a matchup against a hot team on LAN, the Seattle Surge, and lost in heartbreaking fashion by a 3-2 map count. After that loss, people began to see some cracks in the armor of the Call of Duty powerhouse. 

What Could This Mean?

This past major showed that the powerhouse and the “unbeatable” can eventually be beaten to where they do not even make the final. FaZe already started talking about adjustments they need to make in-game as well as strategies to prevent losing search and destroy maps, in which they are the best at. 

One thing they do need to work on is their hardpoint. Although they started off the season doing great in hardpoint. It proved to be their weakness as many teams are beginning to capitalize on it so that even if they lose the search and destroy maps, they can make it to a map five. 

The Players

For each player, the adjustments have to be different. Every player on FaZe showed a little glimpse of weakness and what they are not good at. For players like Simp and AbeZy, sometimes being too aggressive as they are might not go well for you. As it proved out to be when they played the Rokkr. 

For their assault rifle players, Cellium and Arcitys, they proved to play too passive against surge as Classic and Octane had a field day against them due to their “got nothing to lose” attitude in-game. 

The Future for the Atlanta FaZe

After showing their weaknesses this past major, many teams are beginning to make strategies for FaZe if their team were to play them. FaZe used to be unbeatable, now after showing that they can be beaten, who knows what will come for the giants of Call of Duty. Will they win their ring or will they falter under pressure yet again? For Simp, AbeZy, Arcitys, and Cellium, this could be the fall of something new or the beginning of a Dynasty. 

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