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Are the New York Subliners in Trouble?

This season, the New York Subliners have been a force to be reckoned with. However, after starting 0-3 in the last stage, are they still up to par?

As the Call of Duty League season comes to a close, the New York Subliners are looking to be a formidable opponent as they are the third-place team in the league as of right now. However, after a poor showing in the first three games in this last stage. One question arises, that question being, are the New York Subliners in trouble? 

The only reason as to why people in the Call of Duty community are starting to think the New York Subliners is in trouble is due to their terrible start in stage five as they are currently 0-3. This is after James “Clayster” Eubanks led the Subliners to top finishes throughout the season. 

The team was set to be one of the best teams in the league as they showed great improvement from their last season. However, times have changed as many teams seem to have the Subliners’ number as they are facing a hard hill to climb.

Stage 1 & 2

For stage one, the Subliners had a poor showing in stage one group play. However, after a couple of changes to roles, the team got to a top-three finish in the stages major. Showing people that the team is for real after good finishes in maps and matches in the stage. This being the best showing for the team ever as the team was not great last season. 

In stage two, the team had a falling out with a teammate which led to a poor showing in both group play and in the major. Changes needed to be made due to the team needing a new star. That new star being Asim as he later showed that he was the best. 

Asim is one of the best role players in the league according to many other professionals within the league. Clayster is supposed to be the best veteran player in the season as he has great leadership. The to youngsters in Hydra and Mack are the additions that were made to make the team whole once again.

Stage 3 & 4

In stage three, the Subliners had a great showing winning four of their five group games making them play in the winner’s bracket. In turn, this led them to have their best showing as they were the stage three major runners up. 

After stage three, the team wanted to repeat that showing. However, they failed to do so as the only one three of the two games in group play and placed top six in the major for stage four. At the end of the stage and match which led them to be eliminated, Clayster and Asim showed great emotions as they truly believed that the major was taken away from them. 

The Future for the New York Subliners

The team, as a whole, needed a change. However, they decided to not make that change which led them to go and three in the first three games of stage four. Many of their fans are calling for a change as they are losing to bottom-tier teams. New York and its fans are calling for changes to be made as New York City is a hard place to play for. Who knows what is to come for the three-time champion veteran, Clayster, as he recently has stepped away from the team, and his New York Subliners. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the New York Subliners

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