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Are the Florida Mutineers Underdogs?

After a mediocre season, can the Florida Mutineers pull out one of the greatest stories in Call of Duty history? Are the Florida Mutineers true underdogs?

As the Call of Duty League season comes to an end and as the Call of Duty Championship is getting ever closer, many people are beginning to take their picks on who is going to win a ring. However, the Florida Mutineers are not even being mentioned. Makes one think, are the Florida Mutineers underdogs? Do they have a chance” 

Many teams are being favored such as the Atlanta FaZe and the Dallas Empire. All of which have had great seasons. Some believe a team like Toronto or Minnesota can surprise some and take the trophy. While all that is going on, the Thieves and the Mutineers are barely being talked about. Thieves due to the many roster moves they have made, but Mutineers have many other reasons as to why nobody has favored them to win. 

The Reason Why the Mutineers are Not Talked About

There are various reasons as to why the Florida Mutineers are not being talked about. One is that half of their players have little experience on the big stage. Those two players being Joseph “Owakening” Conley and Travis “Neptune” McCloud. This is due to Owakening being only in his sophomore season as a pro and Neptune being in his first season as a pro. 

Another reason is due to how they have played over the course of the Call of Duty League season. This is from their poor showings by getting placed 5th through 10th every major event, their best being 5th-6th place. 

All of which is not good for the team’s morale and confidence going into the Call of Duty Championship leading many to believe that they will play like usual. That they will place like usual and not have a chance at winning the Call of Duty Championship. 

Florida Could Still Surprise Some

This could be the type of push the Florida Mutineers need as an organization as they are given one final chance to prove that they deserve a spot in the Call of Duty League and the Call of Duty Championship. 

With Skyz and Havok, the veterans of the team are already finding success with the previous team they were on before. Maybe both of those veterans can lead their youngsters to victory against the other top seven teams. 

The Florida Mutineers are set to play either the Dallas Empire or Minnesota Rokkr in the first round of the loser’s bracket. If it is either team, the Florida Mutineers proved to be formidable opponents against both as they were all close matches throughout the season with both squads. 

The Mutineers, overall, have a good chance going into the major to prove everybody wrong. They have a chance to start something new with a relatively young squad with a strong core. All it takes is one key gunfight and one key bomb plant.

However, the ways in if they manage to do that are yet to be seen. One thing for certain is, people and teams better look out for the biggest underdogs in CDL history, the Florida Mutineers, as they are looking to the Call of Duty community and the world in next week’s Call of Duty Championship. 

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