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A Turbulent Week Ahead of CDL Minnesota

It has certainly been an interesting year for the competitive Call of Duty scene. Pros have not held back regarding their criticisms of the game. Limited support from the game developers has left pros frustrated and left out to dry. With a noticeably flawed spawn system and overpowered guns, Infinity Ward has yet to make changes. Earlier this week, Infinity Ward dropped a surprise update influencing the spawns and Domination scoring. In addition to Infinity Ward’s update, the meta is potentially changing slightly. It will surely be a bumpy road for the CDL teams ahead of CDL Minnesota next weekend.

Updating the Server Tick Rate

Since the game was released, the pros have been playing and scrimming on 12 hertz (hz) servers. What does this mean? The tick rate relates to how much information a server is receiving. The lower the hertz, the less information the server is receiving and vice versa. Playing on the low tick servers as players have done all season, can create two very different interactions. One player sees themselves getting a kill whereas, in reality, his opponent experiences something else and ultimately gets the kill. The most evident example of the low-tick servers is when someone hides around a corner or object for cover but subsequently dies. Combine this with the variable connectivity of the servers and it makes for an unenjoyable playing experience for pros. It is a very frustrating situation further complicating the season given it has moved online.

Courtesy of Activision

A few days ago, it was announced that 60hz servers were implemented for pros scrims. The updated servers are receiving five-times the information that the previous servers were getting. Above all else, the updated servers will provide a more seamless playing experience. A better playing experience would hopefully translate to a better experience for the viewer as well. Playing the game on servers that more accurately reflect what is happening can only bode well for the end of the season.

Last Second Domination Tick

Although it is not a large factor, the last second tick in Domination no longer occurs. Typically, when the clock reaches zero, teams are given points based on how many flags they hold. The CDL has had its fair share of one or two-point victories in the final seconds of a match. While teams typically win by a wider margin, this will certainly have an effect on games down the line. As a result of this, many pros might be opposed to this change. While they do not know whose game it could affect they might not willing to take the chance on it being theirs. Overall, this likely is not a change that needed to be made to the competitive CDL ruleset.

A new Meta Arriving?

The MP5 has been the only SMG in rotation thus far this season, but that could be changing. This week Envoy was seen using the Uzi in some of the Huntsmen’s scrims. The Uzi is somewhat comparable to the MP5 according to an analysis conducted by Drift0r. The damage spread on the guns is pretty similar. With 9mm rounds in the MP5 the damage to the head is 55-30 and limbs are 30-17. The damage for the Uzi is similar but has an advantage when it comes to the mid-section. Uzi damage for the head is 55-29, the mid-section is 34-18 and limbs are 30-16. It is worth noting the Uzi has a significantly slower fire rate, at 600 rounds per minute compared to the MP5’s 820 rounds per minute.

Courtesy of Twitter

If this new meta is implemented the pace of play on the map will slow down marginally. With players using guns with slow fire rates, they will inevitably kill opponents slower and elongate the time to kill. The change is marginal, however every half second counts when it comes to the highest level of competitive Call of Duty. Furthermore, the new meta will pay dividends to the most accurate players. While the players in the CDL are the best in the world, even a 0.1% edge inaccuracy can make the difference in gunfights. Players who hit more shots in the torso rather than the limbs will have a distinct advantage if both players are using the Uzi. While more pros have yet to use the Uzi, it is something to keep an eye on ahead of next week’s tournament.

Featured image courtesy of the Call of Duty League

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