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A Deeper Look: OpTic Gaming in Domination

A Deeper Look: OpTic Gaming in Domination

OpTic will not be playing this weekend in London which gives them a chance to look back on what went wrong opening weekend. While they struggled in nearly every game mode, domination stood out like a sore thumb for OpTic in Minnesota. The team did not play well in domination and left a lot on the table in the game mode. If they want to turn things around in Atlanta, their domination game needs some fixing.

Paris Legion: Gun Runner 184-166

Paris was a big surprise on opening weekend and gave OpTic problems. Domination on Gun Runner exposed OpTic for a big problem they had all weekend: they struggled to work as a team. During the entire map, players like Slasher attempted to make individual plays rather than making plays as a team. This led to OpTic flipping spawns when they did not need to and attempting to capture flags with one or two players. Paris was able to exhibit the exact opposite as they worked together as a team to capture flags and keep the opposing team in a spawn trap.

Chicago Huntsmen: Hackney Yard 193-186

Chicago played exactly how everyone expected them to and OpTic fell to them quickly. OpTic made some solid changes going into this map and kept it close. At the start of the second round, they moved effectively as a team and were able to keep Chicago in their spawn to overcome the 20 point deficit. However, with 1:25 left in the map OpTic fell apart and Chicago made some amazing individual plays. Slasher played similarly in the first round as he made many individual plays rather than working with his team on the objective. This left OpTic outnumbered in most gunfights and eventually led to their demise.

A Deeper Look: OpTic Gaming in Domination
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OpTic Gaming LA fans should not be too concerned going into Atlanta on February 22nd. If they can replicate what they did in the second round against Chicago, OpTic can win those important domination maps. Look for Slasher to move with his teammates more effectively and capture more objectives. TJHaly will also need to kill more effectively in each series. Domination may just be the key for the team to compete with top level teams.

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