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A Beginner’s Guide to the New Call of Duty Meta

A Beginner's Guide to the New Meta

Since its release back in October, Modern Warfare has seen a variety of changes. From weapon balancing to spawn fixes to new rule sets, the list could go on and on. With each internal change, a player may alter their play style or tactics in-game to adapt. This is how a new Meta forms.

The term Meta stands for the most efficient tactic available. It is an umbrella term that spans across all competitive esport titles and has been used in the past to reference a significant change that has a lasting effect on the way a game plays for a certain amount of time.

Competitive Call of Duty

In competitive Call of Duty, a meta may change from event to event as players are constantly trying to outsmart their opponents. It can be as simple as a new grenade spot or as complex as a new team setup. Regardless, players must find new ways to go about the game.

As the game stands, the meta is a four SMG one AR setup. For the SMG class, players will run an MP5, and for the AR class, players will run an M4A1. 

Both guns were nerfed in the latest update, but that didn’t have much effect on the professional scene.

Game Modes

The game still runs a lot faster than it did during Beta with little variant. Hardpoint and Domination, the two respawns, depending on the map, follow the Meta. Azhir Cave is the slowest Hardpoint map and may require two ARs, but typically flex players will have an SMG in hand.

Search and Destroy is slightly different with the implementation of a sniper class. Main ARs like Matthew “Formal” Piper of the Chicago Huntsmen or Bradley “Wuskin” Marshell from the London Royal Ravens are known to run snipers, but it all depends on the team and the map.

The map pool also plays a massive role in the outcome of team setups. There are very few competitive maps and most maps require close quarter combat. With an overpowered SMG like the MP5, it leaves little room for AR dominant teams to play slower and run freely around maps.

Teams struggling with the meta may have a glimpse of hope, however, as Season One comes to a close on February 11. While Infinity Ward has yet to release any details, fans have suspected Season Two may bring a broader map pool, which may alter the four SMG setup.

Atlanta Faze Unaffected by Meta

The Atlanta Faze have made the most out of the meta. Positioned at number one in the power rankings, with the amount of talent they have on their roster, any drastic changes Season Two may bring to the meta is unlikely to have an effect them as they continue their terror for weeks to come.


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