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A Beginner’s Guide To The COD League Observer Client

It can be difficult to get into watching Competitive Call of Duty, especially watching the first few streams. Even if one understands the game, the new observer client that is used to watch the matches has changed some from Black Ops 3. This article is a beginner’s guide to the COD League observer client.

The Observer Client

The Top Center Piece

In the centerpiece there is an overall view of what is going on in the game. The 0-0 at the top of the graphic is the current map count. Under that is the map timer. Under that is the timer on the current hardpoint. Whatever color timer this show is the team that is on the hardpoint currently earning points. To the left and right of that are the point counts of the two teams.

The Side Bars

On each side of the centerpiece are the bars representing each team. Here one can find more detailed information about what is going on in the match. Each player, when in full color, means that the player is alive and running around on the map. The darker the background of the player means the lower health they are. Like Classic in the picture, if the background is opaque, that means the player is dead and currently respawning.

Looking at the right bar, there is more in-depth information about the game going on. On both Wuskin and Jurd’s picture, there is a hardpoint symbol on the top right. This means that these two players are currently on the hardpoint, within it’s boundaries earning points for their team. Over Skrap’z graphic is an icon. This denotes when a perk becomes available. After the graphic of the perk goes away, a dot is attributed to the player, as seen on Jurd’s picture in the top left.

The Rest

The left side towards the bottom is the kill feed. The kill feed also shows what weapon was used. Under the kill feed is the mini-map. This shows all players, what way they are facing, and where they are in relation to the current hardpoint.

At the bottom right, is the player information. This shows what utility they have in their class, if they actually have used it or not, and if they have any scorestreaks available for use.


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