Best Browsergames / Play World of Warships Online for Free on PC & Mac: World of Warships Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Play World of Warships Online for Free on PC & Mac: World of Warships Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Last Updated on 02/12/2023

World of Warships Guide December 2023: Free to Play?

Developed by Wargaming, World of Warships is an action-packed multiplayer online game with a naval combat theme and exciting gameplay. You can play World of Warships online on your PC as well as on your Android and iOS devices.

Set in the early 20th century, World of Warships offers players an escape into a world of massive battleships, epic sea warfare, and an immersive experience. This game is for you if you want something involving long-term planning, strategy, and quick thinking. This World of Warships review covers all the best bits of the game.

World of Warships Review
Pro and Con
  • Free-to-play
  • Collaborative gameplay
  • Rich variety of ships and nations
  • Freemium model could make some players see this game as pay-to-win
World of Warships
⭐️ Rating 3.9/5 💵 Genre Warships/WW2
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Action/War-Shooter
🕹️ First founded September 2015 Developer
🔒 Active players +400k 📱 Devices PC & Mobile

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World of Warships PC experience and gameplay

One exciting part of the game is its collaborative nature. The World of Warships gameplay is team-based, and players can work in groups to fight the AI in the PvE mode or against other players in the PvP mode. Also, every team can have divisions, which group up to three players to fight together.

The aim of the game is to win battles and dominate the waterways. You need a combination of strategy, a formidable fleet, and lethal firepower to do this. Players have to select from different warships, such as destroyers, cruisers, battleships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. Each warship has different attributes that make it effective in specific scenarios and a sitting duck in others. For example, battleships carry heavy firepower and can sink virtually every other ship, but are relatively slower. On the other hand, destroyers are speed demons, easy to manoeuvre, and are great stealth vehicles.

You can also select from a list of naval powers from different nations. Nations such as Japan, USSR, US, UK, Pan-Asia, France, Italy, and Germany are available in the game. Like warships, each nation has its peculiar set of strengths and weaponry.

After going through the basics, you can begin to battle. Available battle types include:

  • Co-op Battles
  • Random Battles
  • Operations
  • Ranked Battles
  • Clan Battles
  • Brawl
  • Training Battles

Each battle type is only unlocked after you’ve played the previous one. New players only have access to Co-op battles, while training battles are unlocked after at least 200 battles in any game mode. You can watch out for temporary battle types which appear from time to time.

World of Warships Review
World of Warships (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Rich variety of ships and nations
  • Collaborative gameplay
  • Free-to-play
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World of Warships costs and in-game resources

Is World of Warships free to play? Yes! As stated earlier in this World of Warships guide, the game is free across all platforms. However, the game operates in a ‘Freemium’ format. While you can make significant progress without any purchases, you can move up the ranks faster when you make certain purchases and subscribe to a premium account.

Other than that, the primary currency in this game is credits. These can be used to purchase new warships or repair damaged ones. Another available currency is Doubloons. While Credits and Doubloons can be earned by completing specific tasks in the game, players can also purchase Doubloons via the Apple Store, Google PlayStore, or debit/credit cards.

Premium accounts allow players to gain extra credits and experience points (XP) for each battle. To obtain a premium account, you need to:

  • Purchase it with real money or Doubloons
  • Earn it as a reward for completing certain missions
  • Activate bonus codes
  • Get it from unique containers or armoury bundles

You can find the cost and duration of premium accounts in this World of Warships review below:

💵 Cost (Doubloons) ⏰ Duration
24,000 360 days (12 months)
13,500 180 days (6 months)
2,500 30 days (1 month)
1,250 7 days
650 3 days
250 1 day

World of Warships special offers and bonuses

Who doesn’t like a good bonus and great offers when playing strategy games? If you play World of Warships online, you can win some fantastic rewards. New players have the opportunity to win 250 Doubloons when they link their game account to a WarGaming ID. WarGaming is the parent company of World of Warships and offers some of the best browser games. To take advantage of this offer, click on the settings button and click on Update in the account section. Follow the instructions and claim your bonus.

Additionally, World of Warships releases bonus codes from time to time. You can get special rewards such as Doubloons, extra XP, and credits if you find these redeemable codes.

World of Warships Review
World of Warships (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Rich variety of ships and nations
  • Collaborative gameplay
  • Free-to-play
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World of Warships’ concept

When you play World of Wars online, you need strategies and tactics to succeed. Here are some vital things to keep you ahead of the curve.

🚀 Dodging shells and torpedoes

While playing this game, manoeuvring ships might seem like one of the most basic controls, but it can be the difference between winning and losing. While moving the ship, you must evade enemy fire. The best strategy is never to leave the ship’s sides open to attack. Instead, approach shells and torpedoes with the front or rear of the ship while slowing down simultaneously. This way, the impact is reduced.

Another strategy for evading enemy fire is concealment. To conceal your ship, you have to use the Smoke Generator.  When your ship is in a smoke screen, enemies cannot see it to cause any considerable damage.

🕹️ Pick the best ships for battles

Every ship in World of Warships has special attributes that make it better suited to different combat modes. These characteristics include:

  • Armour layout
  • Artillery
  • Torpedoes
  • Survivability
  • Airstrike
  • Depth charges
  • AA defence
  • Aircraft
  • Concealment
  • Maneuverability

Understanding these attributes and how they affect gameplay will help you get a better win rate. You can also upgrade ships as you progress through the game.

🎮 Dealing damage

When playing World of Warships online, focus on inflicting damage on enemy vessels to win. There are many ways to sink enemy ships: torpedoes, rockets, bombs, and shells. Two things happen when you deal damage to enemy battleships: fire and flooding.

  • Fire: You can set a ship on fire with explosive shells, rockets, and aircraft bombs. Since damages sustained by fire are repairable during battle, players have to maintain sustained pressure on enemy ships.
  • Flooding: The major cause of flooding is damage from torpedoes. In rare cases, ships can be flooded when you ram into them. Flooding reduces the speed of the enemy vessels, giving players the chance to capitalise on slower battleships.

World of Warships Review
World of Warships (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Rich variety of ships and nations
  • Collaborative gameplay
  • Free-to-play
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World of Warships campaigns, seasonal events, daily challenges

Besides the regular gameplay, we cover other special events in this World of Warships review. Some of them include:


These are special missions that must be completed consecutively. Each mission has two parts: Standard and Final. Players must earn enough stars from the standard mission to progress to the final part. You can select from a long list of available campaigns only after completing at least 21 battles in any mode.

Combat missions

Combat missions are a great way to claim more bonuses. When you play World of Warships online combat missions, you can get rewards such as vacant slots, signals, and credits. There are different types of combat missions, including:

  • Regular
  • Chain
  • Combat mission group
  • Recurring
  • With a choice of conditions
  • Aggregator

Seasonal challenges

Players can earn additional rewards when they partake in unique battle modes in the game. Holiday battle modes such as Halloween, Christmas, and April fool modes appear during their respective seasons. There are also science-fiction and anime-themed modes available from time to time.

World of Warships Review
World of Warships (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Rich variety of ships and nations
  • Collaborative gameplay
  • Free-to-play
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World of Warships community, guilds, friends

From the first World of Warships download, all players are welcomed into a massive community of like-minded naval warfare enthusiasts. From the game’s official social media handle on Facebook and a large community on Discord to fan sites and Twitch channels, there’s no shortage of fans to interact with and share information with.

As a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), players can communicate with each other during games using the Battle Chat feature. You can also add contacts and recruit friends to play with loved ones.

If you are interested, becoming a member of the World of Warships Contributor program is quite straightforward. This program is designed for those who share their love for the game via social media handles, articles, and streaming platforms. When you’ve shared the game’s content for up to three months, you can apply to be considered a community contributor.

World of Warships tips & tricks for playing successfully

Every gamer loves the excitement of climbing the ranks swiftly, and on World of Warships, it’s no different. Here are some tips to win while playing the game.

🗺️ Study the minimap often

A minimap is provided for each battle in this game. Looking at the minimap regularly gives you an overview of your teammates’ position as well as enemy locations.

🎮 Manage your resources wisely

New players often fall into the trap of spending lavishly on available upgrades. While these might look like great investments, they regularly backfire, as you might be bankrupt when you need in-game currencies the most. In the same vein, in-game consumables such as Smoke Generator, Repair Party, and Damage Control Party must be managed wisely if you’re to win.

World of Warships Review
World of Warships (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Rich variety of ships and nations
  • Collaborative gameplay
  • Free-to-play
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World of Warships FAQs

🤖 What is the strongest ship in World of Warships?

Every ship in World of Warships has unique strengths and can be useful in different scenarios. Learn more about the ships and which to choose in this guide.

💡 Can I download World of Warships on PC?

Many players would love to download World of Warships on PC for a better gaming experience. Read this guide to find out if that’s possible.

🎉 Are there other games like World of Warships?

World of Warships is an exciting naval-themed strategy game, and after playing it, you might yearn for more like it. Check out other similar games and more at the Game Haus.

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World of Warships is an intriguing naval-themed game set in the early twentieth century. When you start playing, you become a ship captain and can collaborate with other captains to breach enemy lines, win battles and dominate the waterways. Always remember to protect your ship from enemy attack and check your maps regularly.

Available on PC, android, and iOS devices, this game can be played anywhere, and progress is synced across your devices. With loads of in-game bonuses, a community of skilled captains and solid clans, you can captain your division to victory when you start playing today.

World of Warships Review
World of Warships (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Rich variety of ships and nations
  • Collaborative gameplay
  • Free-to-play
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