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Play World of Tanks Online for Free on PC & Mac: World of Tanks Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Publish Date: 08/08/2023

World of Tanks Guide July 2024: Free to Play?

Who doesn't love a little bit of everything, especially when it comes to the games they play? If you're one of those people who enjoys variety and perhaps a spot of tanks, stick around for this extensive World of Tanks review.

The game combines massively multiplayer online (MMO), shooter video, and vehicular combat game elements to give you a one-of-a-kind game. You can play World of Tanks online directly on your browser, which makes for a streamlined and well effective user interface. Okay, let’s jump right into this World of Tanks review.

World of Tanks Review
Pro and Con
  • Diverse gameplay elements
  • Variety of game modes
  • Free to play
  • In-app purchases progress you through the game quicker
World of Tanks
⭐️ Rating 4.0/5 💵 Genre Shooter, Action & Tank Games
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic armoured warfare-themed multiplayer online game
🕹️ First founded August 2010 Developer Wargaming
🔒 Active players Several million 📱 Devices Web app, console

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Game experience and gameplay - Get in your tanks and go!

Before we get into World of Tanks gameplay, let's start with the storyline or, rather, the game's setting. So, the game setting involves tanks built, designed, and/or fielded in the 20th century (around the mid-1960s). World of Tanks has a huge collection of tanks in its setting (over 800 tanks). Approximately 80% of these tanks are standard ones that anyone can unlock, while the rest are reward tanks that are unlocked after completing a challenge.

World of Tanks also has about 30 different maps, with new ones added every now and then. Now that we have an idea of the setting let's get into the gameplay.

As we just mentioned, World of Tanks is a blend of several game genres. In the game, players drive tanks, making it a vehicular combat game. They also shoot guns from a third and first-person view, classifying this game as a shooter game. And finally, there's the MMO aspect.

In World of Tanks, players mainly engage in random battles, with 15 players battling against 15 other players. Typically, you are randomly assigned a team through the matchmaker feature. Players in this game can group with two other players for matches or play solo.

In this game, there are different categories of matches/game modes. For starters, there's the death match/capture/defend, which is the basic game mode. Then there's the assault/defend mode and the game mode, where players try to capture a single flag, usually classified as a death match.

Aside from these matches, World of Tanks also has a good selection of battles. There's the historical battle that allows players to fight in historical war tanks. Then there are the team and company battles that allow players to group in more than the typical 3-player teams and battle with other teams.

World of Tanks Review
World of Tanks (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Action game
  • Diverse gameplay elements
  • Variety of game modes
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World of tanks costs, subscriptions, in-app purchases

“Is World of Tanks free to play?” you may ask. You can play World of Tanks online on your PC or Mac browser, however, as expected, the game also features in-app purchases, which we will give a brief breakdown of.

💵 Currency 📝 Description ⭐️ Benefits/Usage
Silver Basic currency. Players receive silver after completing battles.
  • Used to purchase items in the game.
  • Can be used to purchase non-permanent camouflage/emblems.
Gold Premium currency that players have to purchase.
  • Unlocks premium tanks which obtain more silver.
  • Buys permanent camouflage/emblems.
  • Purchase of a premium account which grants 50% more experience than standard silver accounts.

Gold also enables players to turn the experience on fully-researched tanks into a "free experience." You can then use these tanks to research other tanks, enabling you to pass those you don't want to play and those that aren't upgraded. That way, you level up in the game much faster.

Game concept - Spot your opponent before they spot you

When you play World of Tanks online, it’s all about spotting your opponent before they do. In this section of this World of Tanks guide, we’ll give a breakdown of the main tactics used in this game.

🎮 Scouting

This is a phrase used in World of Tanks to refer to the action of spotting a tank or tanks from an opposing team. Of course, you have to do it without being seen. While any tank can take over this position, it's recommendable to allow light tanks to take this spot. This is because their view range and speed are unmatched.

It's also advisable to familiarise yourself with the game's mechanics, before using this strategy. When using this tactic, good radio communications is key. So, it's crucial that your light tank has a good radio.

🕹️ Reverse angling/side scraping

Many World of Tanks players swear by the "peek-a-boo" strategy when in battles. This is basically when a player moves the front of their tank around a corner, fires at an opponent, and then backs up again. While this is an excellent tactic when you play World of Tanks online, reverse angling or side scraping is another excellent tactic alternative.

This strategy involves exposing the side of your tank and not the front. You do so at an angle that presents quite a high chance of a ricochet. Unlike the peek-a-boo tactic, this doesn't require moving in and out of cover. This technique prevents tanks from being hit at the engine by opponents.

🖥️ Facehugging

This is considered a highly brave strategy as it involves you driving right in front of your opponent's tank, and staying put while exchanging fire. This tactic ensures you have eyes on your opponent so they can't back up or try manoeuvring around you.

World of tanks app overview

When it comes to World of Tanks for download on Android and iOS smartphones, there may be conflicting information. As per the World of Tanks official website, the app that they have available for download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store is an assistant app and not the actual game. There's a game called World of Tanks Blitz by the same company that created World of Tanks. This game seems like an upgraded version of World of Tanks for PC and Mac. The mobile version and browser version sport major differences even though they look the same at a glance. But both versions offer impressive gaming experiences.

World of Tanks Review
World of Tanks (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Action game
  • Diverse gameplay elements
  • Variety of game modes
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Campaigns, seasonal events, daily challenges

One of the highlights of World of Tanks that makes it a great game is the blend of game genre elements it has. The first-person and third-person shooter, vehicular combat, and massively multiplayer online elements have made World of Tanks among the best action browser games, even though it technically doesn't fit in that genre.

The assortment of game modes that allow players to pick what they're comfortable with is also a significant highlight—not forgetting the great selection of battles it has. The updates of new maps in the game give players a lot to cover, so it's safe to say you’d struggle to get bored with the game.

When it comes to the currency, we couldn’t help but notice that the perks that gold buys aren’t that much. So, players who are sticking to using silver aren’t missing much, which is an advantage. What’s more, the choice the game presents players to either solo or join teams they are matched with is another note-worthy advantage.

World of Tanks being available for free on browser is another perk that makes it one of the best browser games.

Community, guilds, friends

World of Tanks has a huge community of both die-hard fans and casual players of the game. Most of them are on different forums contributing and debating about the best tactics and strategies of the game. So, just find a forum and join others as they share their insights on this game.

Tips and tricks for playing successfully

This wouldn’t be a complete World of Tanks guide without extra World of Tanks tips. Here are some additional tactics to help you conquer matches and battles in the game.

  • Try not to knock down trees as it gives away your location to your opponent even when they didn't see you in the first place.
  • Find a solid cover, especially if you’re planning to use the peek-a-boo or reverse angling strategies.
  • Try not to expose yourself to multiple targets.
  • Fire from a high ridge cautiously, as it may expose your underside to being fired at.
  • Destroy one opponent at a time. Targeting one opponent at a go until they're destroyed fully is way better than destroying several tanks continuously. Doing so will ensure the target tank is completely destroyed and that it doesn't have the ability to deal damage.
World of Tanks Review
World of Tanks (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Action game
  • Diverse gameplay elements
  • Variety of game modes
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World of Tanks Review FAQ

🎮 Is it worth playing World of Tanks in 2024?

If you're wondering if World of Tanks is worth giving a try, visit to find out whether or not you should play this game.

🚀 Which tank is better in World of Tanks?

If you're trying to figure out which is the best one to use in World of Tanks, check out to find out.

💰 Can you play World of Tanks without spending money?

Visit to find out whether you can play World of Tanks completely for free.

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Our World of Tanks verdict

Well, there you have it, a detailed World of Tanks review with as much as there is to know about this multi-genre game. If you love action and shooting in games or find war tanks fascinating, you'll enjoy playing this game. It offers everything you would want in an action game and more.

World of Tanks Review
World of Tanks (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Action game
  • Diverse gameplay elements
  • Variety of game modes
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