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Play Wild Hunt Online for Free on PC & Mac: Wild Hunt Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Publish Date: 08/08/2023

Wild Hunt Guide July 2024: Free to Play?

Wild Hunt is an exciting RPG browser game that simulates the thrill of hunting for interested players. This Wild Hunt review has all you need to know about playing Wild Hunt online.

It is supported on Android and WebApp/Browser platforms and can be played on a PC via the web browser or downloaded on Android devices from the Google Play store. Playing Wild Hunt on PC is free and easy to engage with. Read to the end to see what awaits you in the hunt.

Wild Hunt Review
Pro and Con
  • Available on PC, Mac, Android and web browser
  • Engaging gameplay and features
  • Community engagement
  • Complex
Wild Hunt
⭐️ Rating 4.0/5 💵 Genre Shooting, Hunter, Action
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Animals, Weapons
🕹️ First founded July 2017 Developer Ten Square Games
🔒 Active players N/A 📱 Devices WebApp/Browser, iOS, Android

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Game experience and gameplay - Start playing Wild Hunt for free

To begin the game, players must first register with Wild Hunt. Here are the steps to register:

  • Visit Wild Hunt's website at
  • Input a username, password, and your email address.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Service.
  • Check your email inbox and click on the activation link.
  • Hit PLAY.

Wild Hunt is free to play and does not require anything to start. Ensure you keep your login details safe, as you will use that to continue with your game from where you left it.

The game is set in different hunting locations in Alaska, Europe, Germany, Austria, and Romania. You get additional Stampede and Free Hunt game modes if you download Wild Hunt on your PC.

Shots are scored, with the exact score depending on what body part you shoot. Shooting the head, heart, and lungs gives more points than any, so you must work on your aim to advance quickly in the game. While in the stampede game mode, you must also pay attention to time, as it has a time limit for completing your hunt.

You can also duel with other players while playing World Hunt online. There are other events to look forward to, such as the championship board, a season playout and others. At whatever stage you are in, the game simply never gets boring.

The game visuals are superb and enticing. The sound effects and easy website navigation all bring life to the game. The plot set is spiked with exciting features, such as infrared vision, adrenaline drinks, bait, etc., that set the tone for a fantastic hunting experience. If you have some experience hunting, this might bring back some hunting nostalgia.

Wild Hunt Review
Wild Hunt (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Hunting game
  • Engaging gameplay and features
  • Community engagement
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Costs and in-app purchases - Get upgrades for weapons and packages - if you want!

Wild Hunt on PC is free to play online. You can play Wild Hunt on your PC's Windows and iOS browsers. If you are more of a mobile device person, you can also play the game on your mobile browser or download Wild Hunt from your Google PlayStore or Apple Store account for free.

With the high bonuses available for new players, you may not need to purchase any package while playing the game. You can get some packages on the grounds to enhance the experience and raise your fun on Wild Hunt. Some of the packages include:

One-day 95% discount sale of Machine Gun Famaz $2.49
6 days countdown premium rewards package $11.99
License Upgrade $0.99

If you are considering purchasing these packages, it is best to do so early before the prices of the items increase when the discount period for new players elapses.

The game uses Banknotes and Coins as its official currency. You might want to buy these currencies when you run out of them, as you would use them a lot in your game. The least amount you can use to buy the banknotes is $5.99, with the highest being $59.49, which gives 2750 Banknotes.

Making a higher purchase will decrease your Wild Hunt costs in the long run because you get much more for the amount. Payment methods you can use to complete your method are PAYU, PAYPAL and PAYMENTWALL. If you play Wild Hunt online through the mobile app, you can pay via your credit or debit card attached to your Google PlayStore or Apple Store account.

Wild Hunt’s special offers

New users get 1000 banknotes and 5000 coins for upgrades and purchases. There is a special discount of up to 95% for new purchase uses. On completion of any mission, rewards are given to the user, which can be claimed at any time.

New users also get 20 infrared vision and 20 Adrenaline Drinks. You can also claim Bait for Deer for free on the deals page as a new user. There is also a one-time offer of 1000 for 0.99 USD. The discounts available for purchases have a time limit, so it would be best to consider that while starting the game.

Wild Hunt Review
Wild Hunt (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Hunting game
  • Engaging gameplay and features
  • Community engagement
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Game concept - Survive

The game's goal is to hunt down as many wild animals as possible. Endeavour to understand what each game mode requires of you so you don't fall short at the end of a hunt. Here are some strategies and tactics to win Wild Hunt.

🎮 Using adrenaline drink

As much as the urge to use the adrenaline drink comes to mind, resist it until you can see a handful of animals. The best time to activate the adrenaline drink is when the animals cluster together. You would quickly kill a lot in a short time.

🕹️ Aim for vital points

Aim for the head when killing any animal, except for birds, as you might miss the heart during movement. Except when using infrared vision, it is advisable to stick to aiming for a headshot.

🖥️ Infrared vision

Using a long-range weapon with high damage capacity amplifies the kill rate of infrared vision. Even behind trees or mountains, you can aim for the vital points of the animals and hunt them down.

🚀 Weapon upgrades

To put yourself at a place of advantage, gradually upgrade your weapons to the highest level. Get enough add-ons (adrenaline drink and infrared vision), and always use the deer bait to get the animal closer to you before hunting them down.

Low on ammunition? Play the free hunt and stampede to earn extra cash and coins for upgrades.

Wild Hunt’s campaigns

Wild Hunt takes hunting to the next level by introducing cool features such as duels, championship tournaments and daily events. Users around the world get to associate while testing their hunting skills. After a 5-minute countdown, scores are displayed according to the number of animals killed, and the winner wins extra rewards.

The championship board resets after a fixed time, so there's always a chance to become one of the three best champions for a day.

Besides participating in competitions, you can also participate in some events and gain rewards. For instance, there are daily events you can win and gain rewards which you can use to build your arsenal. You just have to ensure you finish tasks and complete hunts while honing your hunting skills to get better points.

You can always go back and play the adventure mode, even after completing it, to earn commissions and rewards. That is one of the best ways to increase your skill in the game and become one of the best hunters playing Wild Hunt online.

Wild Hunt Review
Wild Hunt (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Hunting game
  • Engaging gameplay and features
  • Community engagement
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Community, guilds, friends - get social

As a new player, help is easy to find as Wild Hunt has a functional Facebook group where you can learn much about the Wild Hunt gameplay in a relatively short period. In the group, you also get to meet already existing players from whom you can get tips to help you make the most out of the game.

Furthermore, the duel and championship mode is a great way to connect as you would meet a large community of friends to engage with. Great opponents do make good friends sometimes. You can also interact with other Wild Hunt players on Reddit.

Tips & tricks for playing Wild Hunt online

Here are two crucial Wild Hunt tips you should keep in mind to help you make the most out of your gaming experience.

Aim for instant kills

Instant kills give a 100% quick kill bonus. Lung, head, or heart shots will do the trick. Try to get within 100m for a clean shot.

Improve your weapons

The hunting gets significantly more manageable when you have better weapons and add-ons. Focus on and kill big game like a bear or moose first to earn money and accumulate coins. Use the money accumulated to buy more weapons and upgrade the ones already purchased. Don't forget to use adrenaline rush and infrared vision when needed.

Wild Hunt Review
Wild Hunt (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Hunting game
  • Engaging gameplay and features
  • Community engagement
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Wild Hunt FAQs

💰 Do you need real money to play Wild Hunt?

Whether you need to use real money while playing Wild Hunt online depends on you. Read our Wild Hunt guide to see when you could be prompted to make some in-app purchases in the game.

📱 Can you play Wild Hunt on mobile?

Wild Hunt works excellently on PC and iOS browsers. Check out this Wild Hunt review to see if playing Wild Hunt on mobile and how is possible.

📴 Can you play Wild Hunt on PC offline?

Wild Hunt is best played online. Read this Wild Hunt guide to see how to get started.

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Conclusion - what we think of Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt is one of the best action-packed shooting browser games that gives gamers a hunting experience straight from the wild. It is loaded with features that captivate and keep the user engaged.

Wild Hunt gives gamers different game modes such as free hunt, hunting competition, stampede and adventure. You can become a renowned animal hunting expert by securing a spot on the championship leaderboard. Hone your hunting skills to perfection as you challenge other hunters in the duel. This is the game for you if you love shooting arcade games. Download and enjoy.

Wild Hunt Review
Wild Hunt (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Hunting game
  • Engaging gameplay and features
  • Community engagement
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