Best Browsergames / Play Tentlan Online for Free on PC & Mac: Tentlan Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Play Tentlan Online for Free on PC & Mac: Tentlan Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Last Updated on 17/11/2023

Tentlan Guide December 2023: Free to Play?

Step into the ancient world of Mesoamerica and play Tentlan online. This browser game takes you on a joyous journey through the pre-Columbian era. Build your empire, worship mighty gods, and forge alliances with fellow players.

With its charming blend of strategy, resource management, and a dash of Mesoamerican culture, Tentlan offers a truly unique experience. Explore awe-inspiring architecture, conduct epic battles, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of this vibrant civilization. Get ready to unleash your inner conqueror and leave your mark on history in this delightful browser game.

Tentlan Review
Pro and Con
  • Free to play
  • Players have autonomy in their cities
  • Vast gameplay map
  • Attention to detail with its Mayan theme
  • PvP battles
  • Skill based
  • Slow-paced when starting
⭐️ Rating 4.0/5 💵 Genre Strategy, PvP, Building
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Rainforest, Maya/Aztec style
🕹️ First founded July 2018 Developer Lionmoon UG
🔒 App No 📱 Devices Browser, mobile browser

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Tentlan experience & gameplay - You are in full command

Tentlan is an MMO real-time strategy game that takes you back to the Mesoamerican civilization, specifically the Mayan civilization. You start the game by being a character called Ahau, who is the city's leader. You are charged with handling all the affairs of your kingdom, from the population to building, research, and even military.

Like many MMORPG survival games, you start with only a few resources. Upon signing up, you will be given quests by Itzel, which will prompt you to build the essential structure of your city, the Sun Temple. This temple determines your population and the coin (food) consumption per hour.

After constructing this, you'd also have to build several structures that will give you resources to upgrade and protect your city.

Tentlan Review
Tentlan (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Players have autonomy in their cities
  • Vast gameplay map
  • Great PvP battles
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Costs, subscriptions & In app purchases  - Play for free, purchases optional

“Is Tentlan free to play?” you might ask. Here is some good news, Tentlan costs nothing. All its features are available to you from the get-go, resources, population, and buildings can be built strategically with time and nothing more. You can also get special power ups like increasing your queue limit when producing or activating any of the 5 Blessings with turquoise, the game’s currency.

Turquoise is often awarded for completing quests, inviting friends, or through Tzolkin Wheel. However, you can purchase more if you ever run out of it. To do this, there is an option to use a credit card or PayPal. It’s worth emphasizing that purchasing turquoise is not mandatory, but if you want to, here is the price list.

📦 Turquoise 💵 Price
180 $1.99
365 $3.99
570 $5.99
990 $9.99
2,070 $19.99
3,375 $29.99
6,075 $49.99
14,500 $109.99

Tentlan bonuses & benefits - Plenty of perks on offer for players

There are some freebies you can leverage on this action browser game.

  • Sign-up bonus: Upon signing up, you’d be awarded a set of limestone and Obsidian to start building your city immediately. Cacao and corn are also part of what you’d get to feed your population. However, the best part of the signup promotion is the 20 turquoise you get from confirming your mail. Turquoise is a premium currency that you can use to speed up building upgrades, producing resources, and recruitment.
  • Tzolkin wheel - Win extra resources and turquoise by spinning the Tzolkin wheel with amber stones multiple times daily. While the prices increase after multiple daily spins, it resets in 24 hours.
  • Purchase bonus: Although Tentlan is free to play, you can purchase Turquoise if you’d like to activate any of the blessings to enhance your gameplay. On purchases between $5.99-$109.99, you will get an extra 5%-45%.

Game concept - Using a strategy is the key to success

Here are some important strategies you can use in Tentlan. These could help you get better and amass resources in no time.

🎮 Join a tribe

Whether you prefer PvE or PvP, joining a tribe is the most strategic thing to do when you play Tentlan online. This provides you with resources and support; in terms of battling, you also gain military support. Unlike most MMOs, where you can only be attacked when playing against other players, Tentlan allows indiscriminate attacks by players of any level, regardless of if you are playing against the environment or other players. This can be frustrating since you not only have to spend lots of resources rebuilding but you will also get looted.

🚀 Upgrade your Sun Temple, observatory, and other essential buildings

The Sun Temple is directly tied to your population, determining how many workers you can put to work. The same goes for essential structures like observatories, farms, and quarries. Hence, it’s crucial to upgrade your facilities frequently for optimal performance.

🕹️ Prioritize time for research

What you can build is mainly determined by the level of research you have done. For example, you can’t build a warehouse without at least level 4 architecture. Leveling up your research is a quicker way to have a more advanced collection, which could speed up your city’s growth.

♟️ Have a military strategy

Having soldiers is essential. They can be used to loot barbarian colonies for their resources and amber stone and perform defensive functions. Build a watchtower early in the game and ensure you have a reasonable mix of defensive and offensive units, depending on your playing style. If tribe members surround you, you should focus more on the offensive to help allies. However, your defense should be prioritized if you are alone, especially if you are just starting.

Tentlan Review
Tentlan (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Players have autonomy in their cities
  • Vast gameplay map
  • Great PvP battles
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Campaigns & quests - Get to know your NPCs

You won't find as many campaigns at Tentlan as you would in some of the other best browser games, but that’s perfect for players who don't want to be overwhelmed. Here are some of the other events you can look out for at Tentlan.

  • Quests: You receive quests from three main NPCs - Itzel, Ahkin, and their father. You will be rewarded with resources and experience by completing each quest given.
  • Rituals: Rituals are essential moments in the ancient Mayan culture, and the same can be said of Tentlan. Performing rituals allows you to change the season to your desired one at a specific time. Rituals are pertinent to your growth as some buildings and resources can only be attained during a certain season.
Tentlan Review
Tentlan (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Players have autonomy in their cities
  • Vast gameplay map
  • Great PvP battles
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Community, guilds, friends - Join a Tentlan tribe to enhance your gameplay

While a city can stand and progress independently, having diplomatic ties will do you more good in Tentlan. Tribes play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of players. These alliances are more than just groups of individuals; they are tightly-knit communities bound by a common purpose. Within Tribes, players collaborate, share resources, and exchange valuable knowledge to strengthen their positions and thrive in the ancient realm.

Tribes in Tentlan provide a sense of unity and belonging. They foster a vibrant social atmosphere where players can forge lasting friendships and engage in strategic discussions. Co-operation becomes key as Tribes coordinate attacks and defenses, pooling their forces and resources to conquer territories and defend against rival factions.

The benefits of belonging to a Tribe

Belonging to a Tribe offers numerous benefits. Members gain access to shared resources, such as troops and rare artifacts, enhancing their chances of success in battles and expeditions. Tribal members can also rely on one another for support during challenging times, whether it's recovering from an attack or providing advice on city development and research.

Tentlan Review
Tentlan (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Players have autonomy in their cities
  • Vast gameplay map
  • Great PvP battles
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Tips & tricks for building a flourishing city - Your key to Tentlan success

Here are some additional Tentlan tips for building a safe and strong city:

🎮 Find new settlements (currently 15 max)

Having a city is excellent, but Tentlan allows players to also discover new settlements on the map. These new settlements are perfect for gathering more resources, serving as reserves, and can come in handy in case you are looted. You can find new settlements by going to the world map and clicking on a free space. Currently, you can only find 15 colonies which are more than enough.

🕹️ Practice resource management

Limestones, obsidians, corn, and cacao aren't automatically produced or added to your resources automatically. Instead, you must choose the amount you'd like to produce according to your desired time. There is an option to produce these resources between 10 minutes to 8 hours. With this in mind, you can optimize your production by planning it around your daily life. Pick a short time for when you are active, and when going to bed, you can choose an 8 hour production. This way, your farm or quarry will always be active.

🖥️ Corn level should always be higher than your Sun Temple

Your population needs corn to survive, or else they will die. Corn is consumed per hour, and the quantity depends on your population. Having your corn farm 3 or 4 levels higher than your Sun Temple ensures there is more than enough corn to feed your population. Even when you can't come online, you can be assured of optimal population operation.

📝 Move your settlement to your tribe’s location

Being closer to your tribe members ensures you get help from them faster. It also provides an extra layer of protection as it reduces the chances of getting attacked by enemy players or barbarians.

Tentlan Review
Tentlan (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Players have autonomy in their cities
  • Vast gameplay map
  • Great PvP battles
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Tentlan review FAQ

💭 Can I download Tentlan on my phone?

Being one of the available action browser games online, you don’t need to download Tentlan. Find out how and where you can play in our Tentlan review.

🔍 How do I play Tentlan?

In our Tentlan guide, you can learn everything from collecting your first rewards, to building your first city.

🆓 Is Tentlan free to play?

Sure. Tentlan gameplay is free, just like most of the best browser games, but you also have other options. Read up on what is free and what is not in our Tentlan review

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Tribe up and conquer the ancient world of Tentlan - Get ready to rumble!

Tentlan offers a captivating strategy gaming experience where Tribes play a pivotal role. Joining a Tribe provides numerous benefits, including shared resources, strategic collaborations, and a strong support network. Tribes foster a sense of community, enabling players to forge friendships, engage in friendly competition, and tackle challenges together.

Whether you choose to join an existing Tribe or create your own, the dynamic and interactive nature of Tribes adds depth and excitement to the game. In Tentlan, the power of unity and cooperation within Tribes is the key to conquering the ancient world and achieving greatness.

Tentlan Review
Tentlan (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Players have autonomy in their cities
  • Vast gameplay map
  • Great PvP battles
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