Best Browsergames / Play Taonga Game Online for Free on PC & Mac: Taonga Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Play Taonga Game Online for Free on PC & Mac: Taonga Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Last Updated on 04/12/2023

Taonga Guide December 2023: Free to Play?

Farming games have always been a popular game genre. One of the most popular games in this genre is Taonga. Are you looking for a detailed Taonga Island Adventure review? Well, look no further.

In this review we’ll cover what the game is about, whether it’s free to play, any in-app purchases, tips on how to have a successful game and, most importantly, whether the game’s actually any good or not.

Taonga Review
Pro and Con
  • Engaging storyline and gameplay
  • Available on mobile with dedicated app and on desktop
  • Good community engagement
  • Energy constraints impact gameplay
⭐️ Rating 4.0/5 💵 Genre Farming
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Island-building/Fantasy
🕹️ First founded April 2016 Developer Volka Entertainment Limited
🔒 Active players Several million 📱 Devices Browser, Android

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Game experience and gameplay - A mystery wrapped in a farming simulator

Starting off this review is a detailed breakdown of Taonga Island Adventure gameplay and its storyline. Like Taonga: The Island Farm, this game still retains the franchise's theme of being a farm simulation and adventure game.

Players still get to engage in adventurous events, all while tending to a farm. In Taonga Island Adventure, you get to step into the shoes of Samantha. This is a young lady who arrives at the remote island archipelago after receiving a letter from her once long-lost uncle, Alan, who disappeared on that very same island.

Once Samantha arrives at the archipelago, she teams up with the island residents to try and find Alan. As the player, you get to complete different quests that'll help lead you to Alan. In the meantime, you'll also be delivering items that you're growing back home, developing the island for its residents, and exploring other surrounding islands. Pretty straightforward, right?

Taonga Review
Taonga (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Farming game
  • Engaging storyline and gameplay
  • Good community engagement
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Taonga island adventure costs, subscriptions, in-app purchases - No purchases or subscription needed

Is Taonga Island Adventure free to play? Absolutely. You can download the game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. What’s more, you can also play Taonga Island Adventure online on your browser.

This game can easily be played without making any in-app purchases, as the items needed are obtained during the game. When it comes to currency, you can get coins in the game by engaging in different activities. This includes completing orders on the task board and fulfilling missions. The same goes for diamonds, but they are less easy to acquire.

You can also explore to find treasure chests hidden around the game map. What's more, you can also explore the crevices around your home island and collect extra coins for picking up starfish on the beach. Features are unlocked as you complete missions on the island.

Game concept - Work hard to get more rewards

The main aim when you play Taonga Island Adventure online is to maximize your energy intake while reducing your energy expenditure. In this game, the amount of energy you have reserved will play a significant role in how well you explore the game setting.

For instance, most of the parts of the island are covered in fog. One of the ways to get rid of the fog to reveal what's underneath it is by cutting overgrown vegetation to create a pathway. And this task will be achievable or not depending on the amount of energy you have.

The good thing is there are several ways you can boost your energy reserve. This will allow you to explore the game setting and engage in various activities in the game for an extended period.

🎮 Hidden Treasure

One of the most valuable Taonga Island Adventure methods for boosting your energy reserve is to look for the numerous treasure chests hidden around the island. So, when you’re exploring, keep an eye out for these treasure chests hidden among the vegetation.

Inside you’ll find coins, diamonds, big portions of energy and useful tools. You might utilize a lot of energy getting to these treasure chests, but the rewards when you do will most likely be worth the trouble.

🕹️ Clear the paths

Another useful tactic for reserving your energy when you play Taonga Island Adventure online is removing roadblocks on your paths only if necessary. You can go around them, or if you must get rid of them, remove the ones that will cost you less energy.

🧱 All items have a use

You can also collect items, especially while exploring the islands, then sell, or trade them later. Some items in the game may seem like they don't have much value. But you may be surprised to discover other characters in the game find them very useful.

For instance, seashells. They may not seem valuable. But, a character like Watau the Carpenter from the island of Toru Kai Tangata can make items to complete quests and missions, from those seashells.

Taonga Review
Taonga (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Farming game
  • Engaging storyline and gameplay
  • Good community engagement
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Campaigns, seasonal events, daily challenges - Organize your island home

Right from the beginning, Taonga Island Adventure gives off a calm feel and it’s more about consistent and organized tasks than dashing action. When you take on the character of Samantha and head to archipelago island, you're presented with diverse kinds of activities and challenges that make this game more interesting.

For starters, you get to work towards making your home island better for its residents. So, you establish a farm complete with animals, a barn, and garden areas. The better you plan where to place structures and growing beds, the easier it is to fulfill orders.


If you don’t want to go it alone, you can join up with neighbors to build a village for the island's residents. While you're developing the island, you also have the chance to explore it, find treasure chests, and uncover other fascinating secrets on the island. While it isn't as intense as your typical action browser game, this is definitely action enough to make this game interesting.

Taonga Review
Taonga (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Farming game
  • Engaging storyline and gameplay
  • Good community engagement
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Taonga app overview - Two titles, same great adventure

So, there is a slightly different name given to the game, depending on where you access it from. Taonga: The Island Farm is the name of the PC browser-only game. On the other hand, if you choose to download and install an app, it’s called Taonga Island Adventure which is available for download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Community, guilds, friends - Gather friends, build your island village

In general, the Taonga game franchise has an impressive fan base, especially on social media platforms like Facebook. So, it isn’t surprising that many people like playing Taonga Island Adventure and it’s a great place to find plenty of new recruits to help grow your island empire.

When you play the game, there are several different ways to approach other players and ask for their help or to trade goods with them. While you are not obliged to form a community, it does pay to have one or two friendly neighbors that can come to your aid when needed. Just be sure to give them regular gifts, or to work on their land from time to time, or they may discard you.

Tips and tricks for playing successfully - Use your energy wisely

Wrapping up our Taonga Island Adventure guide and review is a set of extra tips designed to help you play Taonga better.

Ways to gain more Energy

  • Visit Rest Areas at neighboring properties
  • Collect Starfish, Scallops and Crabs on the beach
  • Find the Shining Lotus artifact
  • Find and open Treasure Chests
  • Complete all tasks for the day
  • Accelerate animal growth, crop ripening and plant trees for your neighbours
  • Get rewarded with energy for completing quickfire tasks
  • Win on the Wheel of Fortune
  • Tap Captain Escudo’s Miraculous Chest
  • Win prizes in the Hospitality and Fisheries Competitions
  • Buy Energy Chests for Emerald and Sapphire Florins at the Store.
  • Buy Produce in the Market or Trade with Merchant Ships
  • Trade Suleyman for Beryl Scarabs on the Island of the Wondrous Oasis
Taonga Review
Taonga (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Farming game
  • Engaging storyline and gameplay
  • Good community engagement
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Consider prioritizing missions with rewards

Again, energy is key when you play Taonga Island Adventure online. So, prioritizing missions that give energy rewards is recommended. Sure, the quests that offer experience points, coins, and diamonds are great. However, since energy is what you need to survive in the game, missions and quests that offer energy prizes should be your priority.

Don’t miss out on collecting energy from other places in the game

When you play Taonga Island Adventure online, you can obtain energy from other sources. For instance, you can rest in a hammock for a few moments every three hours, or unlock more energy by completing missions, such as tapping the crabs you come across on the beach.

Get energy from the Gods

Making an offering at the altar behind your hut is another great way to obtain energy. You can make an offering of a few food items to the dark goddess that the altar is dedicated to. In return, you may get rewarded with energy. And if you get really lucky, you may unlock other boosters when you make an offering. A good example is the early harvest temporary effect, which increases the growth speed of crops.

Consider completing orders for energy

As you go about other activities in the game, remember to check your order board for customers who may want things from you. Completing these orders doesn't just enable you to get gold coins. But you may also unlock treasure chests with valuable items, including energy. However, don't allow tending to customer orders distract you from completing missions and quests in the game.

Taonga Review
Taonga (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Farming game
  • Engaging storyline and gameplay
  • Good community engagement
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Use your accumulated coins to purchase energy bundles

Perhaps you may have set aside your coins you obtained while engaging in various activities in the game. An excellent way to put those coins to use is by using them to buy energy bundles.

Taonga island adventure review FAQ

🏃 How do you get energy fast in Taonga?

Visit to find out the best ways to collect and store energy in Taonga.

🕍 What does the mysterious temple do in Taonga?

Check out to learn about the purpose of the mysterious temple on Taonga island.

🪫 Is there an energy limit in Taonga?

Discover if there's an energy limit in Taonga by visiting our review.

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Taonga Island Adventure is definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to farm games and it is one of the best browser games in the farm simulation game genre. There are more than enough adventures and activities to keep most players occupied and engaged whilst they develop their island paradise.

Taonga Review
Taonga (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Farming game
  • Engaging storyline and gameplay
  • Good community engagement
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