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Play State of Survival Online for Free on PC & Mac: State of Survival Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Publish Date: 07/08/2023

State of Survival Guide July 2024: Free to Play?

State of Survival is cast in a post-apocalyptic environment where humans are on the brink of extinction. You can play State of Survival online on your PC, or on Android and Apple devices.

In a beautiful combination of action and strategy, State of Survival begins with you building your settlement, fighting off zombies to rescue survivors and recruiting said survivors with special abilities to your team. Once you’ve done this, you can tactically deploy them to attack both zombies and opposing player armies.

Pros & Cons
Pros & Cons
  • Cross-Platform Availability
  • Combination of Strategy and Action
  • Free-to-Play.
  • Engaging Gameplay
  • Community Engagement
  • In-App Purchases and Pay-to-Win Elements
State of Survival (SoS)
⭐️ Rating 4.5/5 💵 Genre Strategy survival game / MMORPG
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Shooter, Action, Zombie
🕹️ First founded 2019 Developer FunPlus International AG
🔒 Active players +60 million 📱 Devices WebApp/Browser, iOS, Android

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State of Survival on PC: How it plays out

🏗️ Building a Fortified City: Your Ultimate Goal

The goal of the game is to build cities that are fortified against zombie and enemy players' attacks, and we’ll be sharing how to do that in this State of Survival guide.

🕹️ Initiating Your Journey: Find a Settlement

You’ll start the game by locating a nearby settlement which is housing survivors of the zombie attack. To earn your stay at the settlement, you’ll do all you can to protect the survivors and reclaim the nearby regions from the grasp of zombies.

🎮 Constructing Your Stronghold: Headquarters and Biocaps

Shortly after, you’ll need to erect your main building inside the settlement, called your Headquarters. Additional buildings can be made and upgraded inside the settlement using materials, called Biocaps.

♟️ Battle Strategy: Heroes with Special Abilities

When battling zombies and rescuing survivors, keep an eye out for survivors with special abilities, because you’ll need them in your army. These ones are called Heroes. Each Hero has different battling skills that give them a tactical advantage in specific war scenarios. It’s your duty to strategically assess and rightly position your Heroes according to their abilities when deploying them to fight zombies and enemy attacks from other players.

🎧 Engaging the Online World: Multiplayer and PvP

State of Survival gameplay uses massive multiplayer online mechanics in real-time, meaning that you can strike partnerships with those around you to defend your settlement. There’s also the Player vs Player (PvP) option, where you can plunder the settlements of other players and defend your settlement against their attacks too.

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Combination of Strategy and Action
  • Cross-Platform Availability
  • Engaging Gameplay & Community
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State of Survival costs and in-app purchases

Is State of Survival free to play? The answer is yes. It is available for free download on PC and smartphone devices.

While you can start building and expanding your settlements for no extra cost, there are in-app purchases for speeding up the construction of your settlements and obtaining superior firepower.

If you don’t buy these in-game items, other players can spend money to acquire larger settlements and powerful firearms, only to attack your settlement until it’s destroyed.

In order to fortify your settlements against incoming attacks, here are some in-app products you can purchase as highlighted in this State of Survival review:

💵 Price 📦 Item
$4.99 Bag of Biocaps
$4.99 Standard crate
$9.99 Popular crate
$9.99 Sack of Biocaps
$49.99 Mega crate
$9.99 Mega deal
$0.99 Sweet deal
$19.99 Crate of Biocaps
$4.99 Big deal
$19.99 Giant crate

The cost of getting these building resources is cheap at the beginning of the game, but it’ll keep getting more expensive as the game progresses, making your building projects take longer before they get completed.

The only currency available in the game are Coins and Diamonds, and the payment method to buy those currencies is through a debit or credit card payment using Google PlayStore or Apple Store.

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Combination of Strategy and Action
  • Cross-Platform Availability
  • Engaging Gameplay & Community
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Special offers and bonuses for your survival

One of the most important bonuses found whenever you play in the State of Survival PC game is called the Peace Flare.

Peace Flares protect your settlements from the attacks of stronger players, mostly those who have upgraded their settlements and firearms with in-app purchases.

The two types of Peace Flare that are available include the Peace Flare (8h), which protects your settlement from attacks for eight hours, and Peace Flare (2h), which acts as a protective shield to your settlement for two hours.

State of Survival - The game goals

Some key strategies and tactics you’ll find in this State of Survival review are how to upgrade your troops, get Heroes, and change state.

💡 How to upgrade your troops

You’ll find three troops in the State of Survival game. They are Infantry, Riders, and Hunters.

A tactic for upgrading these troops is by clicking on their building. When you’ve done that, click on the troop you want to upgrade, and if your building’s level is high enough, then you’ll see the “Upgrade” button.

Click on the button and your troop will be upgraded.

💡 How to get Heroes

The strategy for getting Heroes when you play State of Survival online is to first find Hero fragments. Use the Hero Search Function inside the Hero Precinct Building.

Find as many Hero fragments as you possibly can. Once you have enough Hero fragments, then you can summon them.

💡 How to change your state

Rookie Relocator is an item you’ll need to change state. When you get it at the start of the game, quickly use it within five days before you reach Headquarters Level Ten.

Then, click on the “Wilderness” button at the bottom-left side of the screen. Click on the map icon and then the globe icon at the bottom right.

A world map will open. Click on the “Search States” button, type in the state’s number you’d like to visit, and use the “Enter” button to go to that state.

Search for an empty section of the state and click on the “Join State” button. Now, your state is changed.

Missions and challenges to keep you competing

This State of Survival review contains some features that’ll excite gamers and get them absorbed into the post-apocalyptic world. Some of them are:

  • Settlement building: Grow your settlement from scratch and utilise the warring abilities of your Heroes to keep your survivors and settlement safe.
  • Rescue mission: Fight off the zombie invasion from your zone and rescue survivors who can turn into Heroes for your troop.
  • Zombie mutation research: In order to stay ahead of the survival game, you’ll need to carry out research on the zombie infection that’s invading the territory and causing the apocalypse.
  • Alliances and partnerships: Create formidable partnerships with other online players who own stronger settlements than you to defend your settlement.
  • Brilliant 3D visuals: The screenplay encompasses audio-visual effects in 3D dimensions that are beautifully rendered.

The progress made in the State of Survival game is about building and fortifying your settlement against zombie attacks, as well as attacks from other players online.

You’ll first set up your main building, your Headquarters, and then go on to raise other buildings in your settlement for expansion, as you take back enemy zones occupied by zombies.

Another way to progress is to grow your army and match the Heroes found in your troop with scenarios where their abilities shine uninhibitedly.

Some quests in the game are getting Heroes, changing states, rallying behind other players to take down certain settlements, and upgrading your troops.

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Combination of Strategy and Action
  • Cross-Platform Availability
  • Engaging Gameplay & Community
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Community values with State of Survival

When you initiate the State of Survival download on your PC or mobile device, you’re introduced to a large community of friends and multiplayer in the online world of social media platforms, like Facebook.

There are several State of Survival groups and pages on Reddit and Facebook, where online players can interact with themselves and share information on how to advance their settlements.

State of Survival comes under the Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMORTS) category, meaning that there’s a vast universe of online multiplayer all over the world willing to attack you, forge alliances, and interact with you. All you need to do is connect with them.

Tips & tricks for playing State of Survival successfully

Here are some State of Survival tips and tricks to gain an edge while gaming.

🪖 Build troops after reaching Level 7

To finally end up with Tier 3 troops, hold off on building too many troops when your Barracks are first built. Start building troops only after your Headquarters have been upgraded to Level 7. After that, you can upgrade the Barracks, Range, and Garage.

📝 Use the war codes

The State of Survival war codes make it possible to quickly advance through the game for free. By using and redeeming the codes before the limited time they expire, you get free rewards.

🚀 Level up Heroes by fighting more battles

Completing different storylines and going through battles helps you gain rewards, such as Hero fragments, badges, and gears that could level up your Heroes.

State of Survival FAQs

🎮 Is State of Survival pay to play?

State of Survival is one of the strategy games that are friendly to players on a budget. Learn more about State of Survival, and other games like it, at the Game Haus.

🙍 Who is the best Hero in State of Survival?

Each Hero will have their own special abilities. Some of them are excellent fighters, while some of them are better at DPS. It’s important to have a good balance between them too, so find out the best Hero in the State of Survival at The Game Haus.

💻 Can I download State of Survival on PC?

It’s understandable why you might want to download State of Survival on PC. You might want to play offline, or you might just not enjoy playing in-browser. To find out whether this is possible, check out this guide.

Browser Games Guide: All you need to know!

Browser Games by Genre: Find your favourites!

State of Survival summary

State of Survival is set in a world that is taken over by a zombie apocalypse, leaving you and a few other human survivors to defend what’s left of the human race, as seen in this State of Survival review.

It takes you on a journey of defending survivors, identifying survivors with abilities that can be added as Heroes to your troop, and building a formidable settlement that can stand against the attacks of zombies and enemy players online.

This is one of the best browser games that could be played on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
State of Survival (4.5/5 ⭐️)
  • Combination of Strategy and Action
  • Cross-Platform Availability
  • Engaging Gameplay & Community
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