Best Browsergames / Play Rail Nation Online for Free on PC & Mac: Rail Nation Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Play Rail Nation Online for Free on PC & Mac: Rail Nation Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Last Updated on 02/12/2023

Rail Nation Guide December 2023: Free to Play?

Rail Nation is a strategy game that requires calculative thinking to move quickly to the top spot. The game lets players experience being administrators in a train-based business. The level of your administrative skills will directly influence how well you'll advance.

You can play Rail Nation on PC online and compete with other players within and outside your association. Delve into this Rail Nation review and see what lies within the game.

Rail Nation Review
Pro and Con
  • Available on desktop or mobile, anywhere
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Play with like minded people
  • Would be difficult for newcomers or people not interested in trains
Rail Nation
⭐️ Rating 4.0/5 💵 Genre Simulation, Management
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic Missions & Trains
🕹️ First founded June 2014 Developer Travian Games GmbH
🔒 App Yes 📱 Devices Browser, iOS, Android

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Rail Nation game experience and gameplay

Rail Nation is free to play, and as the name suggests, involves a lot of trains. But besides the trains, many other features and components come together to make the game a wholesome choice. The goal of players in the game is to create the best market network in the designated world.

To begin, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the website at Click "Play Now."
  • Enter your email address and password. Read and accept the general terms and conditions, then click "Register now." Alternatively, you can register using your Facebook, Google or VK account.
  • Check your inbox for the account activation code. Input this code in the pop-up when you try to log in for the first time, or simply click the link accompanying the activation mail.

After activating your account, you start enjoying the game immediately, starting with a tutorial to help you get acquainted with the game. Follow the Rail Nation guide carefully to ensure you get all the essential information at your fingertips.

Rail Nation’s gameplay is reminiscent of an actual rail operation, complete with licenses and associations which give players an edge when they join.

It might take a while, but it is easy to understand the game once you finish the tutorial. Players must join a game mode and then organize and build their railway system by buying trains and upgrading the machinery and operations.

Rail Nation Review
Rail Nation (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Immersive gameplay & missions
  • Available on desktop or mobile
  • Play with like minded people
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Costs, subscriptions, in-app purchases whilst playing Rail Nation

Rail Nation tries to keep the experience authentic, with virtual merchandise and currencies reflecting the state of the rail system as we remember it. As such, players get to make and spend virtual dollars and Gold. They also introduced another means of exchange called Prestige, represented by a star.

The amount of virtual dollars a player has fluctuates with each payment and purchase, but Gold can only be collected by completing some particular tasks. However, players sometimes need to purchase with an amount of Gold not available in their account. For this, they can get one of these three packages below:

  • 100 Gold for 2.49 Euro
  • 265 Gold for 5.99 euro
  • 560 Gold for 11.99 euro
  • 1200 Gold for 24.99 euro
  • 3150 Gold for 59.99 euro
  • 6700 Gold for 119.99 euro
  • 10,800 Gold for 179.99 euro
  • 15,500 Gold for 239.99 euro

All these packages come with a legendary offer. The offer includes a unique cargo bonus engine, Series Eagle, 100 Gold, seven days Plus account, ten free tickets and 5 Track Vouchers. To reduce your Rail Nation costs, it is best to pick the highest offer you can buy instead of buying some smaller offers over a period of time.

You can make the payment through any of these payment channels:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Paysafe card

To maximize your use of the Gold, you can use it to purchase any of these starter packages below:

🚀 Starter package 125 Gold
⭐️ Era package 250 Gold
🔥 Super starter package 399 Gold

The first package requires 600 Prestige, while the second and third are only available from Era 3 and Endgame.

Rail Nation Review
Rail Nation (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Immersive gameplay & missions
  • Available on desktop or mobile
  • Play with like minded people
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Rail Nation special offers, bonuses and benefits

Rail Nation welcomes players with many special offers and bonuses. Players with a bonus code can input it and get an excellent bonus to continue the game. But you can still benefit from the other bonuses available if you do not have a bonus code.

First, Rail Nation provides new players a specific bonus of $100,000, which they use to start the game. Completing specific tasks, no matter how simple, attracts rewards and bonuses. Joining an association or getting a license also brings its share of bonuses.

Besides completing tasks, there's a daily login bonus. Logging into Rail Nation on your PC consecutively for 13 days will unlock a mega bonus. Other daily bonuses and items, such as the daily power bonus and bonus engines, must be bought with Gold and are only available when you have a 1,000 Prestige and above.

Game concept of Rail Nation

Players get to join a game world where they run the rail business according to the conditions of that world. New players can choose between joining the recommended game world or choosing the one they might have probably heard of. It is best to go with the recommended one while still new.

Players also get to select a home city from which they will start their travels. If you already know a friend in the game, you can use this time to connect with them and find out which city they are playing from by entering their avatar name in the box provided.

If you are confused at some point or unsure of what to do, you can always reach out to your friends in the associations to gain clarity. The game concept is such that it promotes critical thinking and collaboration on different levels. As such, your best strategy would be to connect with and make new friends on the journey to fame and wealth.

The time you spend playing Rail Nation online is totally up to you, though you will have some waiting periods for some tasks to be completed. Implementing some updates might hasten this waiting period, but it is also best to use it and think of other means to increase your stakes in the game.

Rail Nation campaigns, seasonal events, daily challenges

Playing Rail Nation online can become a daily affair, especially when you want to get to a certain level within a certain period or are involved in one of the platform's competitions.

There are some activities you would need to join an association to enjoy better, such as worker auctions, bonus activities and investing in industries. Successfully participating in some of these activities will earn you medals.

Registering for competitions involves the use of Gold. As such, players must have earned enough Gold or bought some to join competitions. Some events are the same, but there are sometimes other criteria to be met.

Additionally, reaching certain levels is crucial to joining some competitions. That way, everyone playing has the right level of experience.

Rail Nation Review
Rail Nation (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Immersive gameplay & missions
  • Available on desktop or mobile
  • Play with like minded people
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Community, guilds, friends - Join an association, make friends!

Rail Nation on PC is a live game. When you join an association, you will see how many people are in it and how many are online if you want to contact them.

Associations are one way to grow fast and steadfastly in the game. If you believe you can lead people, you can form an association. There is a reward for this, and you can invite your friends to join you. The more numbers you have, the more rewards you receive too.

If you are creating an association, it is best you focus on winning the many competitions rather than on the number in your group. The more connected the members of your association are in terms of teamwork, the better your chances to win and rise to the top in ranking.

Tips and tricks for playing Rail Nation successfully

Here are three core Rail Nation tips you could use to accelerate your growth in the game.

🎮 Join an association as soon as you can

Joining an association will help you understand what is required of you in the game faster. As a new player, you will benefit significantly from the experience of an old player and the covering of an association.

🕹️ Do not be afraid to spend

For a business to thrive, sacrifices must be made. Do not be afraid to spend as much as you need to in the game, provided you have thought your strategy through and seen that it will yield good returns. The excellent yield doesn't have to be immediate.

🖥️ Explore the strengths of the engines

Do not get stuck on just one type of engine and product. Diversity is vital in this business.

Rail Nation Review
Rail Nation (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Immersive gameplay & missions
  • Available on desktop or mobile
  • Play with like minded people
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Rail Nation FAQs

🚆 Is Rail Nation a good game?

Rail Nation does its best to simulate a rail system and its surroundings, which players must maintain and expand by making critical decisions. Read up on this Rail Nation review for information on what the game entails to help you decide whether it is good for you.

🆓 Is Rail Nation free?

Rail Nation is a free-to-play game. Check out this Rail Nation guide to see how you can begin.

🚅 How do I join Rail Nation?

Rail Nation keeps things simple. Follow the registration process in this guide and begin your journey to controlling a rail nation!

Browser Games Guide: All you need to know!

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Conclusion - Play Rail Nation for free now!

Playing Rail Nation on PC is one of the best ways to have the thrill of a game while putting your brain to good use. It is one of the best browser games you can play and is very much worth your time. Feel free to look up this Rail Nation review again after you've started to help you settle faster into the game.

Rail Nation Review
Rail Nation (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Immersive gameplay & missions
  • Available on desktop or mobile
  • Play with like minded people
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