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Play Mafia Boss Online for Free on PC & Mac: Mafia Boss Review (Costs, Gameplay & Tips)

Publish Date: 07/08/2023

Mafia Boss Guide July 2024: Free to Play?

The Mafia Boss places you as the heir of the Ferro family, a renowned mafia family that has just lost its Godfather. Your job is to avenge your Godfather and lead the family until it becomes the strongest mafia in town.

You can play Mafia Boss online on a web browser or on Android and iOS devices.

From the ashes of defeat, you can team up with other online players and powerful families. Recruit street talents for your family, use all possible means to create wealth, and manoeuvre your family to the top, through any and all means possible.

It’s a free-to-play game, with the option of boosting your level with in-app purchases.

Mafia Boss Review
Mafia Boss: Pros & Cons
  • Game is free to play
  • Great rewards for unlocking milestones
  • Avialable across desktop, iOS, and Android platforms
  • In-app purchases possible
  • Some in-app purchases can be costly
Mafia Boss
⭐️ Rating 4.3/5 💵 Genre RPG & MMORPG
💳 Cost Free-to-play 🚀 Topic side-scrolling game
🕹️ First founded 2005 Developer Target Box
🔒 Active players Several million 📱 Devices Android

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Mafia Boss PC: What you’ll experience

The goal of the game is to provide direction to the Ferro family, after it was thrown into disarray as a result of the Godfather’s death. It’s up to you to take charge and lead your family until it becomes the biggest mafia around.

The game starts with you getting ambushed on your way home, moments after the Godfather of the Ferro family lost his life to an attack of intruders.

Being the heir to the Ferro family, you’re tasked with bearing the heavy weight of the mafia’s leadership on your shoulders, avenging the death of your Godfather, and building back your family to a place of total dominance and control.

To do this, you head back to the underworld and find talented mercenaries for the family.

In the process, you’ll scout for talents on the streets, train them to become assassins, businessmen, or Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, and assign them strategic positions in your family.

Grab as much land as possible to expand your utter dominion through the Mafia Boss PC game browser, and send out your trained men to do missions, like overthrowing other families.

It’s almost impossible to do this alone, so you should forge alliances early with other powerful families. Through making friends with online players, you can loot resources, bribe cops, invest in stocks, and grow the family's wealth together.

As a massively multiplayer game, players can communicate through internal chat systems and collaborate on missions.

Mafia Boss Review
Mafia Boss (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Game is free to play
  • Great rewards for milestones
  • Very interesting storyline
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Mafia Boss costs: Will you have to open your wallet to play this game?

There are a number of optional in-app purchases that can be made when you play Mafia Boss online. These can give you a range of different items, from standard equipment boosts to particular characters and even new weapons.

Transport packages can also be bought so that your new family recruits can get to and from their missions quicker. This is a good bonus to get, because it means you can get rewards quicker, which can lead to more upgrades and faster progression.

There are also defensive items that can be bought too, such as Peace Shields that can stop your family from being targeted by other players.

The in-game currency uses credits and the cost of in-game items ranges from $0.99 to $99.99 per item.

So, is Mafia Boss free to play? Yes, it is. But the game also provides a range of useful items for you to purchase, if you so wish.

Player rewards on The Mafia Boss game

There are some special bonuses that the Mafia Boss review uncovered, awarded to players when they reach certain milestones. These are:

⭐️ Level 🚀 Credits Awarded 🚀 Subscription Awarded
Level 1 Random amount of 0-999 credits N/A
Level 2 1,000-24,999 credits Titanium or Silver subscription
Level 3 25,000-99,999 Titanium Black subscription
Level 4 100,000+ credits Diamond subscription, and reserve bonuses
Top Runner Medals Awarded to three players with top-most net worth N/A
Family Medals Awarded to 3 families with top-most family worth N/A
Family Killer Medals Awarded to 3 families with top-most family kill counts N/A
Mafia Boss Review
Mafia Boss (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Game is free to play
  • Great rewards for milestones
  • Very interesting storyline
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The aim of this game

We’ll go over some strategies and tactics to rule over the mafia world with your family in this Mafia Boss review.

🎮 Hunt for trained assassins from the underworld

The first thing you need to do to gain street credibility and notoriety is to add talented workers to your family. These can be recruited in a few different ways, but you’ll want to make sure that you train a range of units for your time in Mafia Boss. You’ll need people who already possess lethal training to enforce the will of your family on the streets and forcefully expand your influence across other mafias.

🕹️ Source talented people for family mafia positions

The streets are filled with criminals who are making a mess of society. Recruit these talents, harness their potential through training, and then assign them to tactical business positions in your family.

As you’ve seen in this Mafia Boss guide, you need these people to occupy the position of attorneys, businessmen, bikers, scientists, mercenaries, and DEA agents in your family.

🖥️ Partner with powerful families and online players

It’s almost impossible to raise your family to the top alone. You need alliances and partnerships, not just with other strong families, but with online players and friends as well. They can help you out with building queue times, resources, and even keep you safe from attacks from other players!

⭐️ Set up family businesses

Wealth is one of the strongholds that mafia families have on society. You need steady streams of funds flowing into the family bank accounts from all sides.

If you successfully want to play Mafia Boss online, then make sure you invest in the resource buildings at the start of the game. You’ll want a lot of banks and jewellery shops to get a steady amount of cash and diamonds.

🚀 Criminally mastermind the family mafia missions

Take your men on missions to overthrow other family mafias and oversee the operations of your family’s underworld businesses. This can be an easy aspect of the game to overlook, so keep progressing through not only the main missions, but the optional side-missions too, to get more rewards.

Quests and challenges: How to advance as The Mafia Boss

Progress is made in the game by how far you’ve dominated rivals and taken your family to the top of the food chain in the mafia society. Some of the quests in the game are to hire a defensive unit for your family, or even take out opposing families in the story campaign. This is all in the name of avenging your Godfather and restoring honour to your family. Most of the campaign will be combat based and the success will depend on the number of forces you’ve trained for your mafia family.

Other quests are to make your team happy by purchasing weapons and alcohol from the Black Market.

Immediately you finish the Mafia Boss download, you’ll find exciting timed events are running constantly. These include alliance events, construction events and combat events. There’s almost always some kind of seasonal event running, so don’t be too worried if you join in late!

Mafia Boss Review
Mafia Boss (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Game is free to play
  • Great rewards for milestones
  • Very interesting storyline
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Making friends in The Mafia Boss community

Online gaming enthusiasts rally around existing forums and communities to discuss the Mafia Boss gameplay and difficulties experienced in advancing through the game. There’s also a very active chat feature in the game, allowing you to talk to your alliance members whenever you want.

The game franchise has an official community forum on its website to allow players to share their observations and pass information around. This is in addition to social media groups, such as subreddits and Twitter.

Tips and tricks suitable for a boss

Let’s go over some Mafia Boss tips and tricks for successfully progressing through the game.

🏦 Save a percentage of your cash in the Bank

A point will come when you’ll become a target of constant attacks. To avoid losing all your money, store a certain amount in the Bank for safekeeping. This will make it easier for you to bounce back into the game if you do get raided!

⭐️ Explore all the menus - trust us

This might sound silly, but there are a lot of menus in Mafia Boss. We actually progressed quite far through the game before we found some additional side mission screens, which gave us a ton of rewards that we could’ve used earlier on in the game!

🚀 Join an alliance early

An alliance in Mafia Boss online is one of the most important things you can do in the game. You’ll have access to all sorts of resources, building help, exclusive events and shops. You don’t have to chat with them or interact if you don’t want to, but the benefits are well worth joining all the same.

Mafia Boss game FAQs

💻 Can I play Mafia Boss on PC?

Mafia Boss is one of the best browser games that can be played on any device. However, it has made a name for itself as one of the leading mobile games. Learn how to play it on PC at The Game Haus.

🎮 Is Mafia Boss a multiplayer online game?

Mafia Boss might seem like a simple single-player game at first, after all, it’s a resource management strategy game, right? Well, at The Game Haus, we can explain all about the multiplayer aspect of it.

⬇️ How can I download Mafia Boss?

Whether you simply want to play it offline or if you’re struggling with where to find it, read our guide on how you can download Mafia Boss on The Game Haus.

Mafia Boss Review
Mafia Boss (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Game is free to play
  • Great rewards for milestones
  • Very interesting storyline
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A summary overview of Mafia Boss

You have a unique opportunity to avenge your Godfather and take your new mafia family all the way to the top in Mafia Boss online.

Talents can be spotted on the streets and trained mercenaries can be hired as defensive units to unleash the fear of your family on your rivals.

Bear in mind that those you’ve attacked will seek revenge, as the code of the mafia world is, “an eye for an eye, and an arm for an arm.”

Once you’ve established your family as the highest mafia unit, prepare to ward off attacks from those who seek your downfall as you’ve learned in this Mafia Boss review.

Team up with online players, as this is one of the strategy games that can be played on a web browser, Android, and iOS devices.

Mafia Boss Review
Mafia Boss (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Game is free to play
  • Great rewards for milestones
  • Very interesting storyline
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