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Hi, my name is Kate Shepard, and I have a crippling addiction to Overwatch and the Overwatch League! I cover all things Philadelphia Fusion! I also love to talk about Contenders and the Paris Eternal! I'm a frequent guest on Watch Haus and am a co-host of Haus Queens. Be sure to check both shows out on The Game Haus' official Twitch channel, and make sure to follow me on Twitter @Sybil_OW as well!
Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion

The Philadelphia Fusion Sign Chipsa

Kate Shepard
In a surprising move, the Philadelphia Fusion have announced the signing of streamer Philip “ChipSa” Graham. What it's like when an Overwatch League team plays around...
Esports Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion

Additional Main Tank Options for the Philadelphia Fusion

Kate Shepard
Most teams have been opting to stagger out their roster announcements, but the Philadelphia Fusion were kind enough to bless their fanbase with a hype...

4 Potential Landing Spots for Neptuno

Kate Shepard
Yesterday, the Philadelphia Fusion parted ways with Spanish support star, Alberto “neptuNo” González. Over the past two years, neptuNo has been a mainstay on the Fusion’s...
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