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Who Were Apex Legends Top Streamers in September 2021

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September was another strong month for Apex Legends top streamers on Twitch. August saw the highest peaks since the game launched, with several big names like NICKMERCS jumping over from Call of Duty: Warzone. In September, another big name in streaming made their appearance in the Apex scene and cracked the top 10. But who were the best?

Apex Legends Top Streamers (September)

The Japanese scene for Apex Legends has really taken off, and has three of the most-viewed streamers for the game. This includes the number one streamer for September, kato_junichi0817. He had a peak of nearly 220,000 viewers and total hours watched clocked in at 6.6 million. Two other Japanese streamers were in Apex Legends top streamers for the month, with Stylishnoob4 garnering 3 million hours watched and FPS_Shaka recieving 1.6 million hours.

In the western scene, NICKMERCS lost his top spot to TSM’s Imperial_Hal. Hal had 3.3 million hours viewed while NICKMERCS dropped to 2.8 million hours viewed. However he streamed significantly less than Hal, with only 82 hours to Hal’s 197. Perhaps if he had streamed more Apex Legends, he would have regained his crown from August.

Another big name busting into the top 10 is Ninja. After making his name in Fortnite years back, he has recently been trying his hand at Apex Legends. Here are the top 10 streamers for September, with numbers from SullyGnome:

StreamerWatch TimeStream TimePeak Viewers
kato_junichi08176,681,847 hours180 hours219,949
TSM_ImperialHal3,362,203 hours197 hours36,978
stylishnoob43,017,069 hours121 hours114,474
NICKMERCS2,805,191 hours82 hours52,722
Ninja1,632,422 hours133 hours26,029
ShivFPS1,619,824 hours199 hours15,469
Tfue1,522,532 hours148 hours24,505
iiTzTimmy1,509,212 hours92 hours40,032
fps_shaka1,430,459 hours67 hours34,500
NiceWigg937,533 hours142 hours29,201

Previous Top Streamers (August)

August was the month a number of big names entered the Apex scene. NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman and xQc all were in the top 10 streamers for the month. NICKMERCS held the top spot with 9.7 million hours watched, as he streamed for 195 hours. These numbers are also pulled from SullyGnome:

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StreamerWatch TimeStream TimePeak Viewers
NICKMERCS9,704,358 hours195 hours79,589
iiTzTimmy4,140,091 hours172 hours132,004
Tfue3,263,550 hours167 hours42,242
xQc3,012,911 hours50 hours102,676
TimTheTatman2,379,719 hours50 hours139,020
TSM_ImperialHal2,095,549 hours128 hours32,276
ShivFPS1,794,476 hours211 hours32,870
fps_shaka1,570,272 hours74 hours56,768
stylishnoob41,360,75671 hours78,777
cloakzy1,332,324134 hours26,571

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