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What’s New in Apex Legends Update 1.94?

apex legends update 1.94

A new update rolled out to Apex this week, offering next-gen upgrades. But this nevertheless came with its fair share of bugs and issues. Apex Legends update 1.94 works to address some of these and get the game running smoothly once more.

One of the prominent issues has been with third-party controllers when playing on the Xbox Series X and Series X. On top of this, all next-gen consoles have experienced frame rate issues and other frustrations. This includes players’ settings spontaneously resetting without any warning.

With much frustration arising from these impeding bugs, Respawn have moved towards remedying them. This includes several fixes announced on Twitter that should get things moving in the right direction.

Apex Legends Update 1.94 Patch Notes

Here are all the changes in the new update to Apex:

  • Bloodhound and Rampart are re-enabled in the firing range (They were removed due to bugs in the Bangalore story challenges)
  • Fixed issues with placeable abilities on Storm Point (This mostly improves the way Wattson’s fences/ultimate and Pathfinder’s zipline work on the new map)
  • Fixed third-party controllers not working on Xbox
  • Various unnamed fixes for Control, next-gen consoles, and Bangalore Story Events

Their follow-up tweet in this thread mentioned that they reenabled Bloodhound and Rampart in the firing range. Respawn_Pav, one of the live team support members also noted that the team is looking into issues with game chat on next-gen consoles. While this does not have a fix with this update, hopefully Respawn can resolve it in the near future for players’ sake.

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