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What to Expect from Apex Season 10: Emergence

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A brand new Story from the Outlands premiered today in the world of Apex Legends. This revealed the newest legend, a character by the name of Seer. He will make his appearance in Apex Season 10, which is set to begin on August 3rd. Coming with the new legend are map changes, a new LMG gun, and a ranked mode for Arenas.


The newest character has been teased by moth imagery, and a special gun charm players can get for a limited time. Though details have not been revealed, this legend will use micro-drone technology as part of his kit. The Story from The Outlands reveals that he was an outcast, born under a bad sign. His gaze was feared since birth, and legend tells he had the ability to change things by looking at them.

There is much speculation as to how this will manifest itself in-game. Nothing will be confirmed until the EA Play presentation on Thursday, June 22.

apex season 10
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Rampage LMG

Apex Season 10 will add in a new gun, this time in the LMG category. Made by none other than Rampart, it will fit her own kit well as she gets a passive buff when wielding LMGs. The gun has a cryptic message alongside it. “Meet Rampart’s newest invention, the Rampage LMG, with a surprising source of firepower.”

Fans have speculated that there would be a light-ammo LMG added at some point. But this phrasing makes it seem like it won’t even use traditional ammunitions. Reddit theories think that it could use Thermite grenades, as there is a cylindrical slot under the barrel which seems like it could fit one of the grenades. This could turn the gun into a flamethrower, or more likely will ramp up the bullet damage. This could be incendiary rounds, similar to the Sentinel but adding damage-over-time rather than a straight damage boost. Only time will tell how this gun plays out and how powerful it will actually be.

apex season 10
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

World’s Edge Map Changes

Recent in-game teasers hint at big changes and destruction coming to World’s Edge. Tremors in the ground can be felt when traversing the tunnels, and the Harvester has been overcharged. A couple new notes around Launch Site and Staging indicate that Hammond Robotics is harvesting too much. This could hollow out the planet, create more lava, or even cave in sections of the map.

On the Apex Season 10: Emergence website, Train Station seems to be wrecked. Additionally, the sky has turned back to blue after being red and stormy as the Harvester ravaged Talos. Not much else can be seen, so fans will have to wait until July 22 for more information.

Ranked Arenas

The last of the major announcements, Arenas is finally getting a ranked mode. While this new mode has been a bit polarizing among the fanbase, separating the casual and competitive audiences should make the experience a bit healthier.

Apex Season 10’s ranked Arenas will have its own leaderboards with ranks similar to the Battle Royale ranked mode. Players will be able to achieve the rank of Apex Predator by finishing seasons in the top 500 in their region. If that is not enough, more ambitious players may try to achieve Predator rank in both Arenas and Battle Royale.

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