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What is the Apex Legends Valkyrie Release Date?

Valkyrie Apex Legends Release Date

Apex Legends revealed their newest character, Valkyrie who will be coming along with the newest season of Apex Legends. Like many of the Legends that have come into the game so far, Valkyrie has a pretty storied past. Unlike many of the others though, hers is a story from Respawn’s other major franchise from which Apex Legends came from, Titanfall. No people might be wondering, what is the Valkyrie Apex Legends Release Date?

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As one can see, she is the child of Viper, one of the characters from Titanfall 2. This is the most direct contact Apex Legends has had with the other Respawn franchise since it was surprisingly dropped in 2019. Now the game has grown to be one of the most successful battle royale games on the market.

Not only has the game itself been received well, but even the stories behind all of the new characters have also been received well. They flesh them out and make the character interesting in how to not only connect to the game but also to each other. This has been a major draw when compared to other battle royales who really do not have much of a story behind them.

Valkyrie’s abilities have not been revealed as of yet but it is safe to say she will be able to shoot rockets of some type. It looks as though she will be able to fly potentially as well which would definitely add a new dimension to Apex Legends both competitively and just for those who play casually as well.

Either way, look out for Valkyrie as she makes her way to Apex Legends with a release date at the start of Season 9, on May 4, 2021.

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