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What is the Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Date?

Apex Legends Season 8 End

Apex Legends was one of the few games to ever come out that people had next to no idea about before launch. When Respawn and EA Games released Apex Legends it was an instant hit. It is one of the most played games in the world and is on just about every platform to be played. There has been one big one that has been missing though. Here is when the Apex Legends release date for the Nintendo Switch is.

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The Nintendo Switch has been undeniably one of the most sought after gaming devices in many years. Even with the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X coming out, Nintendo Switches have still been flying off the shelves. Not only is it because it is a Nintendo console, but also its unique ability to be handheld and put on any tv has been it very functional for many people. To add to that, the $300 price tag is nice considering what the Playstation and Xbox prices are.

The only issue with the console has been the lack of some very popular games. Even though Overwatch had been out for many years and is still a very popular game, it took nearly three years for the game to have a port on the Switch. Apex Legends is celebrating its two-year anniversary soon and its port is still not out.

Luckily for Apex Legends fans who own a Switch or visa versa, the Apex Legends release date for the Switch is March 9. This was a more recent announcement that had a lot of fans very excited.

For an online game like Apex Legends, it should help to bring more esports fans to the console and battle royale fans as well.

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