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Apex Legends

What is the Apex Legends Escape Release Date?

Apex Legends Escape Release Date

Apex Legends Season 11 is right around the corner and with it likely a new map, new Legend and a new gun. Fans have been seeing teasers for this season for a while and surely are ready for it to make its way over to the live servers. With that, fans are likely wondering, what is the Apex Legends Escape Release Date?

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When looking at this season, a new map feels like something that the Apex community has been wanting for a long time. Not that the three maps in the game are not good at the moment, it is more that more maps are always a welcome sight for players. For Apex, in particular, this one will be heading to an island paradise with beaches and much more.

As for the new Legend, Ash, she will be coming with this new season as well. Considering what her abilities look to be, it will be interesting to see how she is used. There is no doubt that players who use her will be looking to fight in close quarters and then dipping out with her ultimate.

Then the newest gun, the Car SMG, will be jumping into the game as well. According to some leaks, it looks as though this gun will be using both light and heavy ammo. It is yet to be seen as to whether it will do damage differently or not but having that ability to use both with certainly make it a favorite to pair with nearly half the guns in the game.

On to the Apex Legends Escape Release Date for Season 11. With the battle pass ending on November 1 or 2, depending on where one lives, Season 11 should be right around the corner. A release date of either November 2 has been confirmed.

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