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What Are Seer Abilities: Apex Newest Character

seer abilities apex legends

With a first look at Seer shown earlier this week, his abilities have finally been revealed. At the EA Play Live conference, the trailer for Season 10: Emergence showed fans what he can do. He is a recon legend similar to Bloodhound or Crypto, with his kit built around revealing and tracking opponents. Here are Seer abilities in Apex Legends.

Passive: Heartbeat Sensor

In a teaser yesterday, audio hinted towards the fact that Seer could track heartbeats of competitors. Now it is confirmed. When he aims down  the sights of his gun, heartbeats will give away the location of anyone in his sights. This will reveal those behind walls too, giving important information to his team.

Tactical: Micro-drones

Given that the initial teaser gave a dazzling light display of micro-drones, players knew that they would be part of Seer’s kit somehow. Activating the teaser even gave away free gun charms of the drones with a hint towards his kit.

seer abilities apex legends
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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Game Director Chad Grenier told that the drones of his tactical will go out to reveal and track enemies. This can be used in tandem with his passive, allowing players to find opponents behind walls then send drones to seek them out. This should also let Seer track them if they decide to run away, similar to Bloodhound’s tracking passive.

Ultimate: Sphere of Influence

Filling out the last part of Seer’s kit, his ultimate locks down a zone. He activates the ability and a swarm of drones release from his chest. They form a large sphere around an area, revealing opponents within and showing their movement. Grenier said that if opponents run through the zone, Seer can see their footprints. But if they move slowly, he has a harder time detecting them.

Seer’s official gameplay trailer drops on July 26th. Make sure to Stay tuned¬†here at The Game Haus for more Apex Legends teasers, news, and reports!

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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

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