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Updated Gallery of the Apex Legends War Games Skins

The brand new War Games event is now live in Apex Legends. And with it come a slew of new cosmetics for purchase. The Legendary skins are re-colorings of the Season Two Iron Crown event, available for Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Wraith, Mirage, and Gibraltar. These are 1800 Apex Coins ($18 USD) apiece, or 6000 Apex Coins ($60 USD) for the 6-skin bundle. The Gibraltar, Wraith, Pathfinder and Wraith skins are available from April 13-20. Then a new store rotation will let players buy the Mirage and Lifeline skins from April 20-27.

Additionally, the event has prizes players can earn for free by completing challenges. These are a Rare Crypto Skin, and an Epic Rampart skin. Check out all these skins below:

Apex Legends War Games Skins – Legendary

Blood and Thunder Gibraltar
Apex Legends War Games Skins
Queen’s Guard Wraith
Apex Legends War Games Skins
The Burgundy Knight Pathfinder
Apex Legends War Games Skins
Swish-buckler Mirage
Ghost Stalker Lifeline

Apex Legends War Games Skins – Rare

Apex Legends War Games Skins
Cryokinetic Rampart

Apex Legends War Games Skins – Epic

Apex Legends War Games Skins
Broken Syntax Crypto

This event lasts from April 13-27, so make sure to grab those skins before they go away once more in two weeks. Be sure to check out the new, limited-time game modes that go along throughout this event!

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