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The Genesis Collection Event in Apex Legends Goes Live June 29

genesis collection event

The upcoming Collection Event in Apex Legends, appropriately titled ‘Genesis’, will take players back to the beginning of the Apex Games. This is not only bringing a slew of new cosmetics and a heirloom for Revenant, but also limited-time access to old versions of maps. The original designs for King’s Canyon and World’s Edge will be playable, and the infamous Skull Town is returning as an Arenas map. This event will start June 29 and run through July 13.

Old Maps Return

For older players, the original King’s Canyon and World’s Edge should bring feelings of nostalgia. And newer players get a chance to see what all the hubbub is about. Players can see what the maps were before Mad Maggie blew up the mountain, the Harvester landed, or many of the other Town Takeovers. Most importantly, Skull Town and the Thunderdome are back on World’s Edge, and the Train will be zooming around World’s Edge once more.

genesis collection event
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

And due to the community’s love for Skull Town, it will be making another resurgence as an Arenas map. Players will face off in 3v3 combat, with no chance of a third-party coming and stealing the glory. Instead of the standard 15-minute Arena rotations, Skull Town will be available in hour-long blocks.

An Heirloom Fit for the Grim Reaper

As with the past collection events, the crowning jewel is a new heirloom. And in the Genesis Collection Event, this happens to be a folding scythe belonging to Revenant. Get ready to cut down some skin-bags with this beautiful new melee weapon.

During this event, if a player acquires every collection skin then they will automatically receive the heirloom. But after the event, it will be only purchasable with heirloom shards. Players are guaranteed one heirloom in their first 500 Apex Packs, but there is no tracker of how many they have opened. If you love this scythe, it might be worth it to shell out for the Event skins, as it does end up being cheaper than buying 500 packs to guarantee the shards.

Plenty of New Skins

It wouldn’t be a collection event without a load of new cosmetics. There are a total of 24 cosmetics to buy or unlock throughout the Genesis Collection Event. And fitting the Genesis name, several hark back to character origin stories. Bangalore gets one in full IMC gear, and Gibraltar is shown in the outfit of his former career – SARAS (Search And Rescue Association of Solace). These two look spacier, whereas Crypto shows his hacker side and true identity and Loba heads back to her roots as a petty thief.

These are just four of the 24 options, so be sure to check out the skins gallery here on TGH as the event goes live.

Free Rewards Track and Balance Changes

As with the limited-time modes and events, players can garner free cosmetics and goodies through completing challenges throughout the various modes. By reaching 5000 points before the end of the event, one can acquire 4 gun charms, a skin for Wattson, and gun skins for the Charge Rifle and EVA-8 shotgun. Be sure to get your reps so that these won’t fall to the wayside.

genesis collection event
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

On the balance side, there are just a handful of tweaks. Revenant is getting changed the most, with nerfs to the duration of his silence and totem, but getting a smaller hitbox to even it out. Plus, Respawn is buffing his climbing ability. Now he can climb from the ground floor to the top of Construction in West Fragment. Octane, Lifeline, and Bloodhound are all getting nerfed slightly. Check out the full patch notes here.

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