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SCARZ and Zeta Division make it to the ALGS Championship

SCARZ Zeta ALGS Championship

SCARZ and Zeta Division will be the final two teams to represent the EMEA region at the ALGS Championship. The two teams finished the grueling last change qualifier in first and second place, respectfully, and will make to the LAN. This will the second LAN of the year that SCARZ will attend, while Zeta Division will make their LAN debut at the ALGS Championship. Here’s how they made it to the most important tournament since the launch of competitive apex.

SCARZ make their triumphant return after facing difficulty in Stockholm

SCARZ Zeta ALGS Championship

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

SCARZ was one of the teams that just made it to the previous LAN in Stockholm, Sweden. However, one of their players, Mande, tested positive for Covid-19 and was unable to compete. Due to this, SCARZ had to play with a substitute player, and were unable to perform. This forced them to play in the last chance qualifier. The last chance qualifier works fairly similarly to the LAN tournaments. The 40 teams are split into two groups, making the initial lobbies. The top ten teams from each lobby move on to the winner’s lobby, and the top ten teams from that lobby move on to the finals. SCARZ dominated group B, finishing in first place with 52 kills. In the winner’s lobby, they finished in fourth, picking up 25 kills. In the final lobby of the tournament, SCARZ picked up 30 kills, finishing in first and booking their ticket to the ALGS Championship.

Zeta Division finally make it to LAN

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

The second team to make it to LAN is Zeta Division. The Japanese organization signed the roster of the Fire Beaver’s last year, and while they always perform well, they were yet to finish at the top. In split one, they failed to make playoffs by a decent margin, but came much closer in split two. However, their final shot was in the LCQ for the ALGS Championship. Zeta finished in second in group A, finishing with 46 kills. In the winner’s lobby, they finished in eighth, picking up 24 kills. Moving on to the final lobby of the tournament, Zeta won two of the six matches, finishing in second, five points behind SCARZ and six points ahead of K1CK. This booked their ticket to the LAN, taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Once again, congratulations to both SCARZ and Zeta Division on making it to the ALGS Championship. The Game Haus will continue to cover the tournament in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned. Until next time.

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