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Apex Legends

Respawn Officially Announces Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn looks to be setting their sights on joining the mobile gaming movement. On Monday April 19, Respawn announced that it will commence Beta testing for it’s latest game Apex Legends Mobile. The popular battle royale game will make its debut on phones and tablets later this month. Respawn has mentioned that while this is a new game, it will stay true to the original console and PC version.

The exciting mobile updates follows off of the recent announcement of a new Legend. It is unclear at the moment if the latest character Valkyrie will be available in the beta version. In the meantime, players can certainly expect to have access to the classic Legends from the get go.

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The Apex Legends Mobile Beta will roll out throughout the world over time. To start, the Beta will be available to players in India and the Philippines. These first tests will go through the Spring of 2021 and is exclusively on Android devices. Apex Legends Mobile will be free to play like its predecessor, but it will not be cross-play compatible. Unfortunately do to the unique game play offered on Apex Legends Mobile, cross-play won’t be available at any point.

Console and PC players won’t need to worry about their version of the game. Respawn plans on continuing to grow and improve the main version of Apex Legends. With season 9 around the corners, players can rest easy knowing there is plenty of incredible content on the horizon.

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