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Preview of Evolutions Collection Event Accessories and Emotes

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event trailed dropped recently, showcasing some insane new updates to the playable characters for the Battle Royal. In addition to a new playable cast, EA teased a quick look at some of the accessories joining the event. These come in the form of skins, which seem to be accompanied with new emotes as well.

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Here is a quick look at the upcoming skins alongside their emotes

Bangalore, Fuse, Lifeline

This picture shows Bangalore, Fuse, and Lifeline rocking it out behind a wall of fire. Though the details are difficult to see, each skin looks amazing in their own regard. The purple lights shining from Bangalore, Fuses’ absolutely metal attitude, and Lifeline’s completely metal body provide a brand new aesthetic for their favorite characters.

Wraith, Pathfinder, Rampart

The skins for Wraith, Pathfinder, and Rampart all look phenomenal as well. With Pathfinder’s cute squat, Rampart’s crazy gunning, and Wraith’s calm but cold demeanor. The newly added cosmetics do an excellent job of adding more personality to the playable characters.

Bangalore, Octane, Mirage

The chaotic image displays the new fun joining Apex Legends. Mirage with her bandana and bboy freeze, Octane flailing about, and Bangalore shadow boxing casually in the back are sure to be amazing emotes alongside skins that help players express their individuality.


These skins and emotes are sure to become the pride and joy of many Apex Legends players. Evolution event officially begins on September 14th. These are limited time cosmetics. So join in on the party, and don’t miss out on some amazing new changes!

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