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Apex Legends

New Apex Legends Teaser on Olympus

apex legends teaser

After releasing two short narrations of ‘The Moth and the Flame,’ something new has been spotted in-game. Leading up to the reveal of the next legend, a piece of drone technology appeared in the middle of the Golden Gardens on Olympus. When interacted with, this item puts on a short but dazzling display. A swarm of micro-drones pour out and eventually make the shape of a moth before flying off.

After this animation, players are able to pick up an item off the ground. This item, called the ‘bespoke micro-drone,’ is described as “A stray micro-drone from the mysterious heart container. A work of art, it appears to be hand-crafted by one with great skill and taste. It would make an inscrutable gun charm.” So this Apex Legends teaser is not just a cool animation, but players unlock a new gun charm for uncovering it.

Image Courtesy of @alphaIntel on Twitter

There are also new moth icons around the walls of the map. This surely is the insignia for the new character. Many believe this could be the rumored Seer/Pariah, but it is still unconfirmed. This rumor comes from old leaks and datamining, so much about the legend has likely been changed in development.  Stay tuned for more Apex Legends teasers, news, and reports here at TGH!

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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

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Apex Legends Teaser


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