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Apex Legends

Is Apex Legends Mobile Pay to Win?

Apex Legends Mobile Pay to Win

A lot of mobile games gain a bad reputation due to their unfair and debatably immoral economic practices. From the infamous gachapon systems, item upgrade costs, and even in game skin advantages, pay to win in mobile games stands as a prevailing issue. So it’s no wonder if some players wonder if Apex Legends Mobile is Pay to Win or not. This article will provide the readers everything they need to know.

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Apex Legends Mobile is not pay to win. The game does have  in game purchases, through skins, battle passes, and accessories. But no aspect of this leads to the conclusion of being pay to win. For a game to be pay to win, it must provide in game advantages for the purchases. These can be higher stats, faster progression, access to exclusive content that affects gameplay. If paying affects any of these, the game is considered pay to win.

Of course, there are varying degrees of pay to win, with a certain spectrum being acceptable and others not so much. Apex Legends is on the extreme end of the spectrum of not being pay to win. In essence, it’s very much free to play. The skins are purely aesthetic, and none of the game’s competitive in game features are hidden behind a pay wall. Players can choose to purchase some playable legends with real life currency transactions, but honestly all the Legends are quite easily unlockable. There’s little reason to realistically do so when attempting to compete with others.

In Conclusion

For those wondering if Apex Legends Mobile is pay to win or not, worry not. The game is very much free to play, with the payments only realistically aesthetics. That doens’t mean there’s no reason to pay real money in the game, as some of the skins look fantastic. But for those who don’t care about aesthetics, with an eye only really for the competitive ranked play, pay to win is not an issue. Of course, the hacking that’s been rampant in the mobile game is hands down the biggest issue, but more on that in the link provided above.

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