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How to Use the New Apex Heat Shield

apex heat shield

With the launch of the new Chaos Theory event, a new item is entering the battlefield. Dubbed the Heat Shield, this offers players temporary protection from the Ring’s damage. This item will not be put in the regular inventory, but the new Survival slot every player has. Here’s what players need to know about this new Apex Heat Shield:

What is the Heat Shield?

When deployed, this item will form a dome around the player. When inside the dome, no player will receive damage ticks from the ring. The ring will instead damage the shield, so it will last a lot longer in early rings than later ones. Additionally, players inside the dome will heal 50% faster and revive downed teammates 25% faster.

These domes can be activated while in the safe zones, but will be inactive until the ring reaches it. So players can place them preemptively, but will not grant the faster heals/resurrections. The remaining health of a shield will appear on the player’s HUD. Additionally, the shield has 2 charges, so players can activate it two times

The Apex Heat Shield can be activated through the Survival slot. On consoles, this is accessed through the left D-pad button. This has caused the ‘inspect weapon’ action to be moved to the emote wheel. On PC, there is no default button for the Survival slot. Players will have to go into the settings and manually set the input themselves.

apex heat shield

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Where Will the Heat Shields Be?

Given how strong the new Heat Shield could be, knowing how and where to get them is crucial. For the duration of the Ring Fury Escalation Takeover, the item is essential for avoiding damage from the ring flares that pop up throughout the safe zone. Fortunately, all players will spawn with one heat shield each match during the event. This gives players a chance to experiment with it in every match, rather than depending on RNG. There will be additional shields in the ground loot scattered across the map, so don’t worry about never finding them. Just remember, with the new Survival slot, players can only carry one Heat Shield at a time and will have to choose between it and a Mobile Respawn Beacon.

After the event ends, the Heat Shields will remain as part of the ground loot. It will also likely be on weekly rotation in the Replicator, just like the Mobile Respawn Beacon. It is currently craftable at the time of writing. Being able to chain these with teammates enables longer and riskier rotations through the Ring, truly expanding gameplay options and opportunities.

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Apex Heat Shield

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