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How to unlock Wraith in Apex Legends Mobile

unlock Wraith in Apex Legends Mobile

With amazing ports of preexisting Legends, incredible conversion for skills and in game mechanics, the mobile version plays excellently. But since it’s not a direct port of Apex Legends, a lot of the playable Legends remain locked by progression. For instance, the incredibly popular legend, Wraith, remains locked by progress. Her ability to engage in and out of fights, alongside maneuver her team around the map makes very strong. But how do players unlock Wraith in Apex Legends Mobile?

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Unlocking Wraith

Unlocking Wraith is as simple as leveling up to level 14 on the profile section of the game. In essence, players just have to play a lot. She’s definitely one of the harder Legends in the Mobile game, thereby warranting EA’s decision to place her later in the level up rewards. The only way to level up is to play the game more, with EXP gained at the end of every match. Be it Battle Royal or Team Death Match, just make sure play Apex Legends Mobile.

Keep in mind, Mission Rewards, Events, and Battle Pass missions do not add onto Player Level. Only in game performance impacts the EXP earned. 

For players who want to access the Legend sooner, they can just pay 700 Syndicate Gold. But be wary, Syndicate Gold is Apex Legends Mobile’s version of microtransactions. Most players are probably better off just grinding for the Legend.

Players are also rewarded with Wraith alongside a skin for her when making a first time purchase of microtransctions.

In Conclusion

Each playable character in Apex Legends Mobile is unlockable purely by playing. Whether it’s through leveling the player profile, progressing in the seasonal Battle Pass, or by logging in daily, there’s very little reason to actually pay real money to purchase a specific Legend. But of course, for those who cannot wait to play their favorite Legend, microtransactions are always an option.

The mobile port of Apex Legends began in a very solid state. With a total of nine playable Legends to debut in the game, Apex Legends Mobile will surely grow, adding more playable Legends as time goes on. For more coverage of Apex Legends Mobile, be sure to stay tuned with The Game Haus.

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