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How to unlock Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile

With amazing ports of preexisting Legends, incredible conversion for skills and in game mechanics, the mobile version plays excellently. But since it’s not a direct port of Apex Legends, a lot of the playable Legends remain locked by progression. For instance, the poison wielding Legend, Caustic, remains locked for a big portion of the game. So how do players unlock Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile?

Battle Pass Rewards

To unlock Caustic as a playable Legend, players reach level 25 on the Battle Pass rewards. This may worry players, since the Battle Pass costs money. But fret now, Caustic remains a free reward under the Battle Pass. But it will definitely take a while to unlock the Legend, seeing as how the Battle Pass requires extensive play time alongside daily committment.

Strangely enough, there doens’t seem to be any other way of acquiring Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile. That is, at least not yet. When clicking unlock on the Legend, the game doesn’t even provide a microtransactions solution. And a quick look at the store reveals that Caustic remains unavailable  there as well. The only real way to unlock Caustic is through the Battle Pass.

In Conclusion

Each playable character in Apex Legends Mobile is unlockable purely by playing. Whether it’s through leveling the player profile, progressing in the seasonal Battle Pass, or by logging in daily, there’s very little reason to actually pay real money to purchase a specific Legend. But of course, for those who cannot wait to play their favorite Legend, microtransactions are always an option.

The mobile port of Apex Legends began in a very solid state. With a total of nine playable Legends to debut in the game, Apex Legends Mobile will surely grow, adding more playable Legends as time goes on. For more coverage of Apex Legends Mobile, be sure to stay tuned with The Game Haus.

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