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How to Get the Bespoke Micro Drone in Apex Legends

bespoke micro drone

A teaser for a new character went live in-game yesterday, with a free gun charm for finding it. Originally found in the middle of the Golden Gardens on Olympus, it has since been appearing in other locations. So far, there are five confirmed locations on Olympus, and six locations on World’s Edge where the teaser can be found. But the spawn is random in each game and only one team can get it per session. Here’s how to find the teaser and grab your limited-time Bespoke Micro Drone.

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The locations are as follows:


  • Golden Gardens
  • Rift
  • Oasis
  • Bonsai
  • Icarus

World’s Edge

  • Skyhook
  • Dome
  • Thermal Station
  • Survey Camp
  • Geyser
  • Fragment West

The only issue is that the teaser only spawns at one of these locations per match, so finding it is not a guarantee. Additionally, only the first team that finds it gets the gun charm. This makes it much trickier than the Arenas teaser where there were several spawns and everyone could scan them. Thankfully, here are some ways to make sure to find this neat little interaction.

Clues the Teaser is Near

Once in the area where the teaser could spawn, make sure to turn the volume up and keep an eye out. There will be an audible heartbeat that grows louder the closer a player is to the drone. There are also swirling neon blue lights as visual indicators, and painted yellow moths in the surrounding area. Once found, the drone has to spin up for a couple of seconds before players can activate it. Once activated, a swarm of blue lights will fly around, eventually forming the shape of a moth in the sky. It will then disappear and three items will appear on the ground, one for each team member. Picking this up does not use an inventory slot, but acts similarly to a treasure pack. After the game, the player is awarded with the unique gun charm.

Strategies to Find the Bespoke Micro Drone

If Olympus is on rotation, it is the easier of the maps to navigate and find the drone. Thanks to the mobility provided by the Tridents, getting to each of the locations around the map is quite easy and can be done in the first round. Gardens has been the go-to spot, so it may be worth heading there first and you may find some similar searchers. But to be quicker with it, it could make sense to drop at the high ground in the northeast part of the Rift. If the teaser isn’t there, there is a nearby trident to hop in and go clockwise around the map to the other four locations. Landing at the back of the Icarus is another good drop due to the proximity between the teaser location and the car spawn.

bespoke micro drone
Image Courtesy of @Shrugtal on Twitter

World’s Edge is the harder map to find the Bespoke Micro Drone on. The map itself is larger than Olympus, plus there are no Tridents and the train is no longer functional. There is likely no way to get to all locations in one game, so prioritize those that are closer together. This would include Skyhook, Survey Camp, and potentially Fragment West. Or, depending on the ring, a trip between Dome and Geyser is doable as well.

Some players have noticed that the spawn depends on the time of day. If this is the case, landing in the same spot over and over hoping for the charm would be fruitless. Instead, try to land in a different zone each game. This will maximize the chance of finding the teaser.

bespoke micro drone
Image Courtesy of @Shrugtal on Twitter

The last tip is to play high-mobility heroes. A squad of Octane, Valkyrie, and Pathfinder would be ideal due to their ability to cover large swaths of the map when the ultimate abilities are combined. This allows players to reach more locations in a single match, thus increasing the chance of finding the charm. Good luck hunting, and Stay tuned for more Apex Legends teasers, news, and reports here at TGH!

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